With great regret I am cancelling all my workshops and healing circles around the country until September because of the coronavirus pandemic. I hope that by then we will have a better idea of what we are facing in the longer term.  

Much time and planning had already gone into these events and I'm hoping that they will all be reinstated once it's safe to do so whether that's this year or 2021.   

We are all in this together and we will come through it. In the coming weeks I will be creating a special online video workshop.   

Stay safe, stay calm and stay with my Facebook page and this website.   

With all healing wishes   

Matthew 🙏🏻


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Healing The Loss Workshop 


"We all have a history. What we do with it is up to us. Some repeat it. Some learn from it. The really special ones use it to help others,"  Matthew Manning  

Matthew will be using completely new material, music and meditations during this one-day workshop.   

Whether it's a relationship, loved one, family member or job, we all experience loss at some time in our life. This can leave emotional scars and pain that may affect other relationships or our health.   

Instead of hiding or burying yourself after loss, learn how you can work on healing your sense of abandonment, feelings of being unloved or the wounds of unworthiness through love and forgiveness, building foundations for a better and happier you!   

"Your workshop brought me peace. You took me on a journey, tearful at times, but I have had the most wonderful day."  

"It was absolutely brilliant. What a fabulous workshop."  

"A truly amazing experience."

Healing Retreat


Following the enormous success of his first weekend healing retreat in Cornwall last year, Matthew will be holding more of them around the country in picturesque settings during 2020.  

Drawing on material, meditations, exercises and music from over 40 years of presenting workshops around the world, they will be intimate events limited to about 30 participants and will include healing circles.  

Whether you are wanting to learn more about how to help and heal yourself and others or simply to spend time with like-minded people on a similar path to your own, it's a weekend that you'll never forget!  

"A weekend that far exceeded expectations. The collective love and energy were just incredible." 

"Such a special weekend." 

"A truly amazing experience." 

"It led me to feel so many emotions and I have never met so many kind people in one room."  

"My energies are still flying high!"  

"Thank you for your amazing anecdotes, your attention, healing and guidance." 

"My mind was blown by the energy and the meeting of so many incredible people."

The Healing Intent Workshop

"We all have, to varying degrees, an innate ability to heal. It's far simpler than many healing organisations lead you to believe!   

  "I'll lead you through numerous exercises and you'll personally experience internal and external energies that dramatically change as you start to focus on your own intent to heal. You'll have the opportunity to work with me in small groups and in beautiful meditations.   

  "There will also be plenty of time for questions and discussion. My workshops are down to earth and heart-based.   

  "It's a truly memorable day that you won't forget!"