My healing circles are as powerful as working individually with a patient but the benefits can be boosted as you are part of a group with a shared intent. They are effective whether you are in need of personal healing or wish to send distant healing to others. 

During Circle 1 (11.00-12.30), I’ll give a short introductory talk explaining how the circle works and how to gain the greatest benefit. Circle 2 (1.30-2.30) is open to anyone who has previously attended one of my circles anywhere and there is no explanatory talk. 

On each of the healing circles, you will be joining hands with those seated on either side of you while listening to the beautiful spellbinding music composed especially for these events by Anita Ridley played through a state-of-the-art PA system. 

Please feel free to bring bottles of water to place under your chairs during the circles. The water has been known to absorb the healing energy and can be beneficial to drink at a later date.

When booking and paying for tickets for healing circles, you will receive an email confirmation from TicketSource.

Only 25 tickets are available for each healing circle as the room can only accommodate this number of participants. If you have not pre-booked please do not come on the “off chance” that there may be a spare seat as we will not be able to accept you.

“The music mesmerised me. This morning my neuropathy which is really bad from the knees down is a LOT better. I woke up and could feel my feet for the first time in a long time. I don’t know what you’re doing, but it’s amazing.”

People are welcome to attend both circles.  



22nd June

20th July

21st September

19th October

23rd November


All tickets for Circle 1 are £30

All tickets for Circle 2 are £20


Tickets are only available online from TicketSource  and we are unable to offer any refund in the event that you cancel. As a live event, we have considerable overheads in running healing circles. 

TicketSource offer cancellation insurance as an optional extra for those purchasing tickets. As with any insurance product, we’d advise that you read their terms and conditions before purchasing. We have no association with their insurance company and ask that you contact them directly with any insurance related queries.

To watch a video of a healing circle, or to book tickets, please see below.



These will be held at Brook House, 13 Brook St, Saint Neots, PE19 2BP

 St Neots has very easy access to major roads and motorways - including the A1, A14, M1, M6 - and is easy to reach from most parts of the country. For those using rail, there is a fast train from London’s Kings Cross taking just 40 minutes. This year I have had several people joining my circles from overseas and St Neots is just 45 minutes from London’s Stansted Airport. 

There is plenty of parking in and around Brook House and within a few hundred yards are numerous cafés, coffee shops, and places to eat.


Healing Circle Video