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 Matthew no longer gives interviews as any information he wishes to share can be found on this website or his social media accounts.



Welcome To My Website

You will find here all the information you need about different aspects of my work - private healing sessions, healing circles,  workshops, videos, healing meditations, patient feedback and a photographic gallery.

I've worked as a healer for 40 years having originally spent years working with scientists in laboratories. They tested my ability to successfully influence a range of biological 'targets' including blood cells, mould samples, enzymes, seeds and cancer cells. 

I'm not a miracle worker and will always be honest about whether or not  I can help - some conditions don't respond to my healing. I work alongside the medical profession and am not an 'alternative' to orthodox treatment.

To make an appointment to see me privately, simply complete the online form providing me with your relevant medical history. Please allow at least 48 hours for a response. I do not treat psychiatric conditions.

I hold regular healing circles all over the country, working with a group of up to 40 people. If you are interested in learning more about developing your own healing abilities I conduct workshops all over the UK. 

If you'd like to be more directly involved with my work, please visit my "Healing Community" pages on this website. For a small subscription you'll have online access to a wider selection of my videos, music, meditations and photographs of my events. I will also be holding a weekly distant healing session for subscribers. 


To learn more about my life, click on the video below. A selection of other videos are available on my YouTube channel.

Matthew Manning's Healing Community



To take part in my Mass Healing Events, please subscribe to my Healing Community via the logo at the bottom of this section. They are included within the subscription to the healing community pages and take part once every 12 weeks.

I also have numerous beautiful healing meditation videos available. Some are old favourites such as Just Relax, The Gift and The Miracle of Love. However, there are many new ones recorded within the last year, including The Healing Garden, a Morning Meditation, a Walking Meditation and a Grounding Meditation and many more. You could choose something different every day. 

Anita Ridley and I have recorded several albums of music for meditation and healing and these are also available in their entirety. They include Ocean of Compassion, Heart of Time and Endorphin Rising - some of you loved this music when I played it at my healing circles. There are also some one-off shorter tracks that we’ve recorded such as Risks and Across Empty Squares. 

You’ll find in-depth articles on these community pages as well as inspirational poetry, artwork and photographs. 

Every day several people private message me asking to be included on my distant healing list but that too is accessed from my Healing Community pages. Each week I join with members for a dedicated time of distant healing. Linked to this service are dozens of different tracks of music for healing that I’ve chosen for you to enjoy at home. 

There is a subscription of just £5 per month for access to all this work and you can remain a subscriber for as long or short a time as you choose. But in these difficult times you’re sure to find something to help you get through. 🙏🏻

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"Matthew has a remarkable track record of working at the interface between body and soul. His knowledge is outstanding in both breadth and detail"

Professor Karol Sikora, Dean of the University of Buckingham Medical School.


"Matthew Manning is an extraordinary man. I have seen many patients who have previously attended Matthew for healing and every one of them has gained considerably from their meeting with him. My many years of training as a doctor and anaesthetist have taught me how much we do not know about the body and its healing processes. Matthew's powers are not discussed in medical textbooks, but I can verify their efficacy from those patients I have met".

Dr Brian Roet, formerly of Charing Cross Hospital, London.