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If you’re in need of healing, whether personally or on behalf of a loved one, you will discover an entire package of tools within the Healing Community pages of my website.

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This section allows you to join my weekly distant healing and my monthly Global Healing Events.

Also included is a limited selection of my healing meditations including titles such as “The Healing Garden”, “Morning Meditation”, “Walking Meditation”, “Grounding Meditation”, “The Miracle of Love” and “The Gift”.       

The subscription to my Silver Tier is just £5 per month but for an extra £2 per month you can now access hours of beautiful music in addition to all the content in the Silver Tier when you subscribe to my Gold Tier (see details below)


This gives you access to all the material on the Silver Tier and additionally the facility to stream hours of our music and meditations, unavailable anywhere else.   

Tracks so far include Loud Silence, Rivers of Light, If Hearts Were Gardens, Imagine Peace and Healing, Child of the Universe, The Shape of Healing, and Unending Love. You have the choice of listening to the version with music and my spoken words, written to take you on a healing journey, or a purely instrumental version.     

Also available to stream is “Barefoot Child”, our brand new album recorded with Tim Wheater and Robert Godfrey, accompanied by a spellbinding video. 

At the start of the first lockdown in 2020, I was unable to see patients or hold healing circles so instead turned to working online.      

Anita and I began recording one-hour healing meditations accessed each month from the Healing Community pages of my website for those in need.      

Each piece - which takes us months to produce - is especially composed by Anita whilst I write the words. We now work with Ffion, whose Celtic voice has a sublimely haunting quality, and Garrod Tucker who plays guitar and also engineers and mixes our recordings. We are also joined on a regular basis by flautist Tim Wheater and Robert Godfrey, award-winning keyboard genius of The Enid.      

We seem to have developed our own genre of music. It is specifically written and composed for healing - but that doesn’t mean that it has to be tinkly and airy-fairy! I wish that music like this had been available decades ago in the early days of my healing work.      

I now use our own music exclusively when working with patients or holding healing circles and see its profound impact on so many people. My patients discovered long ago that if they later play at home the music that I’ve used during our sessions, they are immediately taken back to the healing experience, immersed in the same energies and feelings.      

You can play the instrumental music for pure listening pleasure - or use it if you are a therapist working with patients as a healer, masseuse, reflexologist, or even a dentist.     

We will be continually adding new tracks to this platform as they become available - Anita and I are currently working on two new hour-long tracks for 2023. We hope that you will now get as much pleasure from our work as we get from creating it.      

(You wouldn’t get much change out of £7 if you bought two cups of coffee from Starbucks!) 


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Existing subscribers can actually upgrade or downgrade tiers at any time and pay a pro-rated amount based on what they already paid for their previous tier, then future months would be the full amount of their new tier level.  

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“Thank you for experiencing your healing energy so that my appointment for heart surgery could be cancelled.”      

“Thank you so much for the distant healing for abnormal cells detected in my abdomen. I visited the hospital yesterday and no abnormal cells were found.”      

“I am so excited to let you know on yesterday’s scan the ‘bleed’ had been reduced by around 50%.”      

“Since I started following your online events, I have no more horrible attacks of stomach pain that I’d had for two years. No more problem with my leg either! Call it a coincidence? No, I’m a believer.”      

“I wasn’t aware of much going on but was left with a feeling of deep peace and not wanting the experience to end. However, on Monday afternoon I realised that the tumour in my neck - which had not changed much for months - had shrunk noticeably. I struggle to put it into words but I am left feeling an immense sense of love for everyone.”