I receive daily requests for distant healing which is available from the subscription pages of this website for just £5 per month. (You also then have access to my meditations and videos and Global Healing Events.) Some people add their own name to my distant healing list whilst others ask for healing on behalf of a friend or loved one.




My next Global Healing Event will be held on 25th June 2023 at 18.00hrs (UK time) 

I hold a one-hour Global Healing Event for my healing community subscribers every month from the Healing Community pages on the website.

The Global Healing events will be held on the following dates:       

June 25th 

 July  23rd

August 20th   

September 24th  

October 22nd 

November 26th

December 17th

Each of these are an hour-long opportunity to send and receive healing whether for yourself or a loved one.  

During the event, I lead people from all over the world through a meditation which enables us to connect together as one energy sending and receive healing.  

I use videos, guided meditations and music which Anita and I have written specifically for these events. These take months to compose, record and film. Each month I choose one of these compositions for the event. 

Anita’s music is spellbindingly beautiful and carries us into the most sublime realms and my meditational words become almost like poetry.   

These events stay online for 24 hours to accommodate the different time zones around the world. Whether you need healing yourself or want to direct it to others, it’s a perfect opportunity to join me and become at one with the extraordinary energy that is generated.   

After each of our Global Healing Events we make a donation from our subscriber's revenue to charity. 

We advise you use good quality headphones if you are taking part using your phones, iPads, laptops or PCs without good speakers, as the listening experience is vastly improved. A huge amount of work goes into the composing, recording, filming and performing of these events and it's such a shame if the sound is degraded by tinny / metallic low quality built-in speakers.  

“Join me where the falling stars live. I am waiting for you … “ 


'I can only say that since being on the healing list my health has improved more than my doctors ever expected. My heart was weak after an undiagnosed illness and they said it wouldn’t get better but it has become completely normal now. My blood cancer which isn’t going away say the doctors, is in remission and the itching that accompanied it is almost completely gone. I just notice that it gets worse if I don’t watch stress levels . I am on the lowest dose of tablets and feel so much better. Just need my veins in my legs to get sorted then my immediate problems are sorted  thank you so much for your help it is really appreciated and respected'



Possibly the most intriguing area of healing is that of the distance between the healer and healee (or patient). Over the past decades some scientists have referred to this as the “nonlocal gap”, a spatial separation that can seemingly be bridged by the intentions, empathetic wishes, and compassionate thoughts or prayers of a healer. It remains an area of great mystery.   

A growing body of empirical evidence now suggests that human consciousness is nonlocal - it is not confined to specific points in space, such as brains or bodies, or specific moments in time, such as the present. Throughout history, what are commonly called spiritual experiences involve a similar motif of experience: the felt transcendence of space and time and a sense of unity with all there is. Evidence for nonlocal consciousness can be found in distant cell-to-cell, organ-to-organ, and person-to-person interactions.   

Many of the scientific experiments in which I participated were designed to test my ability to influence distant biological targets such as blood cells and cancer cells. Interestingly the results were sometimes better at a distance than when the ‘target’ in close proximity.   

In other tests I influenced the brainwaves of someone sitting in another room. During one of these experiments at the University of California, I was asked to interact with Professor Fred Lorenz. He was in a different part of the building but reported that, “the correspondences between Matthew’s EEG and my own were most dramatic. It was not limited to short-term displays - such correspondences could be seen throughout the record.”   

The results of these tests offer a scientific validation to my ability to influence biological or living targets at a distance - even if the mechanics are not understood - and when I now practice distant healing it is no different to what I did in a laboratory. It is a conscious act during which my intent is to benefit the physical and/or emotional well-being of another person wherever they may be.   

With eyes closed, I fall into my breathing and become aware of the beat of my heart. I feel that I am floating or hovering - words I have sometimes use in my global healing meditations. My body slows down as I find a resting place and my awareness of the external environment recedes.   

I familiarise myself with the names of people on my distant healing list before starting and whilst I may know some of these people, most of them I don’t. Sensations of light, care, concern, compassion, quickly arise as I gently focus on a healing intent.   

I become aware of their energies “out in the ethers” - as if we are joining in that nonlocal space. I see faces that are probably of those to whom I’m sending healing. Often one face fades away only for another to come to my attention - sometimes I see groups of people and faces. I have a strong sense of holding space for healing beyond our understanding of time and space.   

My hands feel hot and tingling as I float in this transcendent space of peace, love, healing and compassion for all those in need. The external environment in which I’m physically seated has melted away and time cannot be measured.   

Many of those to whom I have been sending distant healing report that they have experienced almost exactly the same sensations. I believe that in some way I am channelling and directing a universal, unconditional love during this time of distant healing.   

Science states that it can only accept that which can be measured and quantified yet it has never succeeded in doing this with love. But we don’t deny love simply because science is unable to compute it. Each day we see it’s influence and impact in our lives. And so it is with healing.  




"Thank you for the amazing distant healing yesterday evening. The heat that came through was so incredible as I tuned in that I could feel myself perspiring through the energy.  

"I slept the most peaceful of nights' sleep and my eye now feels much less painful and has lost some of the remnants from the infection."  

"That was fabulous and deeply relaxing. I could feel the waves of energy pulsing and was surrounded by wonderful colours.”  

“Listening to it in New Zealand, this healing has blown my mind - from starting off, to being relaxed, to then becoming so hot I thought I would burst into flames. And tears in my eyes, then floating away and being calm. Then the healing started ... hot again to almost hot. I am amazed at this experience.”   

“The healing energy was palpable. I was roasting hot with buzzing hands. It was as if we were all together in one space. What a truly amazing experience.”  

“What an amazing healing experience. I became aware of the energy building so high from about 18.30 ... Such an emotional healing for me, tears ran down my face at times. I opened my eyes as my hands were buzzing so much. I’ve never seen such energy coming from my fingertips before. I felt I could fly!”  

“Tonight’s mass healing was like being in an epic movie where we all travelled to the beginning of time and back with our friends and family. What an amazing experience. It demonstrated that our mind/spirit have no boundaries.”  

“That was intense and powerful indeed. I felt I was part of something ... more connected and my sense of being alone left me. Instead, I found that hope and peace is still within reach.”  

“The cancerous lump on my left eyelid is gone,” she wrote. Her news is echoed by many similar comments:   

“Thank you, Matthew, for experiencing your healing energy so that my appointment for heart surgery could be cancelled.”   

“My slipped disc slipped back.”   

“Thank you so much for the distant healing for abnormal cells detected in my abdomen. I visited the hospital yesterday and no abnormal cells were found.”   

“I am so excited to let you know on yesterday’s scan the ‘bleed’ had been reduced by around 50%.”   

“Since I started following your online events, I have no more horrible attacks of stomach pain that I had for two years. No more problem with my leg either! Call it a coincidence? No, I’m a believer.”   

“Wow. I felt lightheadedness and my hands got really warm. I felt so at peace and relaxed. By the end of the session I was radiating heat from within - and no pain.”   

“About 14 minutes into the healing meditation I started crying and realised the knot of anxiety in my chest had dissolved. I went deeper and deeper into a feeling of peace and felt the love and compassion come through. There was a wonderful feeling of Oneness with everybody and everything.”   

“Thank you so much, from Australia. A sore right eye that was scaring me slightly went away overnight.”   

“What an amazing journey. I feel stronger and calmer now.”   

“What an emotional experience,” “The words, music, and visuals left me with a profound sense of calm,” “The music was amazing and the healing energies flowed so powerfully,” “Thank you from the depths of my heart! I could feel being part of something wonderful. I could sense a change of density in my chest and a spaciousness, light and a calm. I was also touched by the beautiful and powerful video. My grown up daughter fell into a deep healing sleep on the floor.”   

“This time I wasn’t aware of much going on but was left with a feeling of deep peace and not wanting the experience to end. However, on Monday afternoon I realised that the tumour in my neck which had not changed much for months had shrunk noticeably. I struggle to put it into words but I am left feeling an immense sense of love for everyone.”   

We receive literally hundreds of messages of extraordinary feedback and these represent just a few.   


“Join me where the falling stars live. I am waiting for you … “