Professor Karol Sikora is one of the country's top cancer specialists and I work as a healer. We've known each other for about 35 years ever since he invited me to talk about my work to his medical students at the Hammersmith Hospital in the 1980s. He'd been impressed by what I'd been able to do for a number of his patients. 

As a result of our loose collaboration over the decades he's introduced me to many other wonderful consultants who are supportive of healing. I frequently send my patients to them either for treatment that is maybe not available in their part of the country, or for a second opinion. 

I recently saw a lady who'd just been diagnosed with a tumour in her tongue. Her local oncology team recommended fairly radical surgery that was potentially life-changing. I felt she needed to have an urgent second opinion but didn't know who to recommend. I emailed Karol who responded within in an hour. 

48 hours later, my patient had an appointment in London with a leading oral cancer surgeons. Sadly, he concurred with her local medical team and she really doesn't have any other medical option than radical surgery. But, we tried - and often there is a more positive outcome. 

This is how healing and orthodox medicine should work. My role is not an 'alternative' to medicine but as something to complement it. Doctors can do things for my patients that I can't dream of - but sometimes healers can do something they can't. 

At the end of his email to me last week, Karol mentioned a young woman that we both treat. Three years ago she was suffering from Stage 4 breast cancer but for some time she's been completely clear. "A PET-CT scan carried out last week shows she is disease free," he told me. "She needs to get away from all of us and get a life, go travelling, have a torrid love affair - anything but dwelling on her breast cancer and seeing endless specialists! Easy to say but difficult to do." 

His comments made me smile for days and I've used them here with her consent. All of us believe her success story is down to a joint effort. 

In the Introduction to my book, The Healing Journey, Karol Sikora wrote: "Matthew has a remarkable track record of working at the interface between body and soul. His knowledge is outstanding in both breadth and detail." If Karol ever asked me to return the favour I would say exactly the same thing about him. It's what makes him a healing doctor and me a medical healer. 

 That would be my vision for the future of healing - a situation where we work alongside orthodox medicine for the sole purpose of helping the patient.


I have been working with David, a joyful and positive man, following his diagnosis earlier this year of advanced prostate cancer that had spread to his bones. 

As he underwent the standard “gold standard” treatment for the disease, regular blood tests showed a continual drop in his PSA marker. This test measures the amount of prostate-specific antigen in the blood - it’s a protein produced by both cancerous and noncancerous tissue in the prostate. 

From the outset David told his consultant that he was also receiving healing from me and noticed that this was recorded in his medical notes. 

Having recently completed his medical treatment he had a scan and further blood tests followed by a meeting with his consultant, who told him he was in remission. As they looked at the scans on a screen, David noticed there were still white-coloured areas on previously affected bones. He was reassured to know that it was scar tissue and not cancer. 

As he left, his consultant looked at him and said: “Keep up the visits to your healer because these results haven’t occurred by medical treatment alone.” 

I always maintain that healing and medical treatment should work together and this would seem to be a good example of what can happen when a patient does so. 

(The illustration is generic and not of David)


I was working with a patient who was sobbing and tearing at her hair with her hands in sheer desperation after recently being told that her breast cancer was now Stage 4. She was convinced that she was about to die but two years later she is still alive - and in an improved state with her cancer. 

Cancer staging is based solely on how far disease has spread and isn’t necessarily an indicator of life expectancy. There are many diseases for which there is currently no cure but people live with them, often for decades, whilst medication and self-help keeps it controlled. In the meantime, life continues - it’s quality guided by attitude. 

Kris Hallenga, a former patient of mine, is a shining example of this. She was living a totally normal life as a 23-year-old: travelling the world, falling in love, making plans. 

However, when she found a lump in her breast and was told that it was not only cancer, but also incurable, life took on a completely new meaning. She was diagnosed at an age when life wasn’t something to be grateful for, but an inalienable right. Shortly afterwards, she set up the national charity, CoppaFeel!, which raises over £2 million each year. 

Little did Kris know that the cancer that would lead her to a life she had never considered: a happy one. From founding a charity to visiting Downing Street, campaigning at festivals to appearing on TV, in the face of all the possible prognoses, she is surviving, thriving, and resolutely living. In 2009, she won a Pride of Britain Award. 

She’s also written a Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller - “Glittering a Turd: How surviving the unsurvivable taught me to live.” Now 36-years-old, it’s a handbook for living life to the fullest, shining a new perspective on survival. 

Kris has survived far longer than anyone could have expected in 2009. She has had treatments that weren’t even invented back then. Nobody can explain her longevity, but she says: “I really think a massive chunk is having this sense of purpose and drive to survive because I still have things to do, to prove and to achieve. I think that’s boosted every cell in my body. Every cell is thinking: ‘We have to stick around for this.’”


I had been collating boxes full of archive material stretching back decades when I came across this lovely story from the 1990s, from a lady who had taken part in one of my healing circles: 

“One year ago today I participated in your healing circle in Kensington. I remember you saying how much you’d welcome feedback and I have been meaning to write for some time. 

“I had been trying to have a baby for five and a half years and had almost given up hope when a friend suggested I went to one of your circles. 

“During the course of the hour we sat linked together, I had many thoughts. I worked quite hard at constructing positive mental images of people I knew who were ill but then an astonishingly clear picture of myself with a fully pregnant belly, and one even more clear of a wicker cot on which holly leaves were attached just spontaneously came to mind with no effort on my part. 

“My husband is half Chinese but has little contact with his family on that side. I found myself conversing with his Grandfather who had long since died and saying how much I wanted to extend the ‘Lee’ family. 

“After the session I went to buy bread in a department store. The cashier was Chinese. I signed a cheque with my married name ‘Lee’. He commented that it was his name too. When I said that mine was also from China, he held the queue up and wrote the Chinese characters on the back of the till receipt saying that the ‘Lee’s’ were a very big family. 

“Two weeks later I was pregnant. I hardly dared to bring myself to write to you because I couldn’t believe my luck. On November 23rd, exactly nine months after that day in Kensington, our little girl was born. She is absolute heaven and I am totally convinced that this is as a result of your healing circle. 

“For this gift I cannot possibly convey enough thanks. To my mind it is also an extraordinary string of events which can be added to what must be a vast collection of similar such anecdotes from people who have had the benefit of your healing.”


I love to receive emails such as this from the daughter of an elderly patient of mine. Diagnosed with lung cancer, her mother was unable to have chemotherapy because of a heart condition and her age, but she writes: 

"My mum went for her lung cancer checkup and X-ray. She had the official results back yesterday and they couldn't see any cancer at all now."


It's wonderful to get positive feedback from those on my distant healing list, which you can find on my Healing Community pages, and this week I've been sent two interesting stories. 

One lady on my list suffers from age-related macular degeneration (AMD), an eye disease that can blur the sharp, central vision needed for activities such as reading and driving. Her treatment involves an injection into her eye every 12 weeks. 

"This last time it went horribly wrong and a massive infection took over my eye, causing incredible pain and loss of sight. The hospital have been injecting antibiotics into the eye," she explained. 

"Thank you for the amazing distant healing yesterday evening. The heat that came through was so incredible as I tuned in that I could feel myself perspiring through the energy. 

"I slept the most peaceful of nights' sleep and my eye now feels much less painful and has lost some of the remnants from the infection." 

Someone else had placed their son's name on my distant healing list but wrote to say: 

"He is now very much better. I think there probably is no need to continue now. It was amazing to know you were helping at such a difficult time." 

Many people believe they have to see me personally to gain benefits but accounts like this demonstrate that healing works beyond our understanding of time and space. 

As well as anecdotal evidence, much scientific research has been carried out with distant healing. For example, a French study showed that people could inhibit the growth of a destructive fungus at a distance of 1.5 meters, using only mental intentions. This study was successfully replicated at the University of Tennessee, using the same organism, at distances of one to 15 miles. 


It's always rewarding to hear of a successful healing - but it's even better when it can't be explained by a doctor! 

This week one of my patients sent me an intriguing message: 

"I've had another Dexa scan (a bone density scan) and I spoke to my professor this morning. Earlier this year my bone density had increased by 15% and this most recent scan shows an increase in bone in the ball joint into my pelvis. All down to you, thank you." 

Although the healing had been attributed to me, I was curious about any possible contribution from medication. 

"I used to have calcium injections for bone growth, before I had cancer in 2014. As a precaution, these stopped in 2015 as I only had one kidney," my patient explained. 

Her professor has now written: "Interestingly, her bone density looked a lot better and I can't fully explain that."

During a workshop last autumn I gave healing to a lady suffering from secondary breast cancer that had spread to her bones and spine. She'd been told she had three months to a maximum of five years to live. 

"I've recently had a PET scan which has come back with results of no active cancer", she wrote yesterday . "I have healer friends who have also helped, but just wanted to share and thank you." 


"I was terrified at the prospect of such major surgery but you provided reassurance and calmed my terror. Your support and distant healing helped me so much that the morning after the operation I was able to sit up, smiling and eating breakfast whilst chatting to my nurses and other patients with my tummy cut from one side to the other and one side of my chest removed and rebuilt! 

"My recovery in hospital was speedy and my pain levels were reduced. My mood was so bright and happy that the nurses and surgeon asked how I was so upbeat and recovering so quickly. I explained that you'd been sending me distant healing. Many of them either knew about your work or became fascinated by it. 

"I've continued to remain cancer-free. Your healing transformed what could have been a horrifying experience into something filled with positive support and hope."

Matthew Manning was instrumental in helping my mother beat bile duct cancer 12 years ago when she was 77 years old. 

We regularly visited Matthew when he was based in Lavenham & his healing sessions were an incredible support to my mother, it was Matthew who put us in touch with the amazing Professor Habib at Hammersmith hospital, the same Professor performed a 9 hour Whipple operation on her. All of this combined, without a doubt saved her life. She will be 90 years old this December & living a happy healthy life! We will always have Matthew to thank for this .... October 2021 


“When Jonathan was about two-years-old, you gave him healing for a malfunctioning kidney and it was cured and visibly changed size as measured on an ultrasound scan. Then, aged 18, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease - a nasty autoimmune illness. After sessions with you he had more tests as he had improved so much. They rediagnosed it as IBS!”