Professor Karol Sikora is one of the country's top cancer specialists and I work as a healer. We've known each other for about 35 years ever since he invited me to talk about my work to his medical students at the Hammersmith Hospital in the 1980s. He'd been impressed by what I'd been able to do for a number of his patients. 

As a result of our loose collaboration over the decades he's introduced me to many other wonderful consultants who are supportive of healing. I frequently send my patients to them either for treatment that is maybe not available in their part of the country, or for a second opinion. 

I recently saw a lady who'd just been diagnosed with a tumour in her tongue. Her local oncology team recommended fairly radical surgery that was potentially life-changing. I felt she needed to have an urgent second opinion but didn't know who to recommend. I emailed Karol who responded within in an hour. 

48 hours later, my patient had an appointment in London with a leading oral cancer surgeons. Sadly, he concurred with her local medical team and she really doesn't have any other medical option than radical surgery. But, we tried - and often there is a more positive outcome. 

This is how healing and orthodox medicine should work. My role is not an 'alternative' to medicine but as something to complement it. Doctors can do things for my patients that I can't dream of - but sometimes healers can do something they can't. 

At the end of his email to me last week, Karol mentioned a young woman that we both treat. Three years ago she was suffering from Stage 4 breast cancer but for some time she's been completely clear. "A PET-CT scan carried out last week shows she is disease free," he told me. "She needs to get away from all of us and get a life, go travelling, have a torrid love affair - anything but dwelling on her breast cancer and seeing endless specialists! Easy to say but difficult to do." 

His comments made me smile for days and I've used them here with her consent. All of us believe her success story is down to a joint effort. 

In the Introduction to my book, The Healing Journey, Karol Sikora wrote: "Matthew has a remarkable track record of working at the interface between body and soul. His knowledge is outstanding in both breadth and detail." If Karol ever asked me to return the favour I would say exactly the same thing about him. It's what makes him a healing doctor and me a medical healer. 

 That would be my vision for the future of healing - a situation where we work alongside orthodox medicine for the sole purpose of helping the patient.




Stanio, a Polish man in his early 50s, had been diagnosed with a tumour in his spinal column between his head and neck. He had seen four specialists in Poland all of whom agreed that surgery was too risky and that he should prepare for the worst. He also traveled to Britain for a private consultation with a neurologist who agreed with the Polish doctors that surgery carried a very a high risk and his prognosis was poor. 

By the time he was placed on my distant healing list he was in hospital with his wife, Danka, by his bedside. He then suddenly experienced an intense headache, became hot and sweated for several hours. 

"It was as if he was shedding something bad from his body," she said. "He could feel himself 'changing' and he fell into a long deep sleep. When he woke up the next morning he felt almost well." 

Scans taken shortly afterwards showed that the tumour had disappeared. 

Describing the experience, Stanio later said, "I felt as if someone was watching out for me and helping my body to recover." 


'Matthew's treatment is a valuable bridge between orthodox and alternative ways of dealing with major illness. I strongly recommend it' 

Maureen Lipman CBE 



Matthew's words came true exactly to the word...except that they were in French. When we first met and he discussed treating the little tumour under my left eye, he said one of three things would happen. I would go to the dermatologist here in France and she would say 'I can't find it.'  'Where is it?' 2) It would stay as it is  and not get any bigger or 3) It would not work 


I so wish I could have sent you both a video of the scene on Friday. My dermatologist was holding an enormous magnifying glass and seemed gobsmacked after she'd said those first two things . Then she looked very confused and asked me if I knew where it was. In the end, I told her about Matthew and she said she believes in the link between mind and body. 


I am still in a state of not quite being able to believe it. I think Matthew would laugh at the image of a doctor approaching me with a can of smoking liquid nitrogen or a scalpel, only to be turned away. But I'm not surprised at all.


We visited the hospital yesterday to get the results of recent scans and blood tests. Although I have had no chemotherapy or other treatment, the marker had been 766 in August and has now fallen to 17; also the scan shows a continuing stable condition.


"I was diagnosed with breast cancer and told that I had multiple cancers in that breast which would require a mastectomy. Biopsies were taken and I was diagnosed with grade 3 tumours, which they assumed had spread into my lymph nodes. I went to see Matthew between the diagnosis and the operation, during which they removed 17 lymph glands assuming that it would have spread. 

"I was called back in a couple of weeks for the diagnosis with the other two ladies who had the same operation. They were both told that their cancers had spread to their lymph glands and that they would require chemotherapy. When my turn came I was told that the cancer had not spread and that the tumours were much smaller than they had envisaged".



We met on two occasions, the first time back in the mid 80’s when I suffered problems with arthritis. I’d lost 70% mobility and had severe pain.  This was not a happy time - what with a dear wife and two young children.  However, after a session with your good self, all pain had gone within 3 weeks and FULL mobility had returned within 3 months.  I mean FULL mobility - I could perform normal gymnastics.


I saw Matthew over thirty years ago for healing of back pain and right sided lower stomach tumour. After sessions of healing with Matthew, much to the delight and the utter surprise of the medical professionals, the tumour disappeared.


My healing session with him was immediately effective.  Within minutes the dull pain in my back had gone and I could clasp my fists much more easily.  Also my feet have reacquired flexibility.  Wonderful!  Thank you, Matthew!