My clinic is in St Neots in Cambridgeshire. This is just 40 minutes on a fast train from King’s Cross station in London, and is close by road to the A1, A14 and all connecting motorways. For overseas patients it is just 45 minutes by road from London’s Stansted Airport.   

Distant healing is available through subscription to my Healing Community page on this website. 

To enquire about an appointment, please complete all sections of the form in full including your address and phone number, together with comprehensive information about your health problem. For example, 'cancer' is insufficient information for me. Please let me know what type, date of diagnosis, medical treatment received, etc. We will then get back to you within a few days. 

Unfortunately I do not treat psychiatric illness, nor give advice or healing for spiritual/psychic issues. 

We know your message is important but when sending a request for an appointment, please allow 72 hours for us to respond. We are not operative 24 hours a day and can’t answer messages on weekends or Bank Holidays. However, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


For over 40 years I have worked without labels - I simply call myself a healer. There’s no ‘spiritual’, ‘reiki’, ‘faith’, ‘angelic’, etc. as I’ve never cared for the constraints given by tags. My work is, if anything, medically-oriented, grounded, accessible, and without any gobbledygook! 

For a first appointment, I allocate one hour with subsequent sessions being 30 minutes. I like initially to get to know someone and my patients probably like to get to know me! We talk about their life, illness, treatment, feelings and anything else that may be relevant. I never offer any diagnosis although occasionally suggest that a second opinion from another consultant may be helpful. 

I’ve learned over the decades that simply listening without talking, advising or judging initiates healing. From my perspective it also shapes empathy and an energetic connection with another. It’s not unusual that emotions release and a healing interaction starts before I’ve even put my hands on a patient. 

As the healing session starts I put on my music, place my hands on the patient’s shoulder or back and close my eyes. I don’t go into any kind of trance - I just gently “attune” to them. Our breathing slows and it’s not long before we both experience a peaceful sense of togetherness or “oneness”. 

At the start of the session I encourage people to imagine themselves being healthy, well and free of pain - and to try to project themselves forward in time to a place of wellbeing. Almost invariably this conscious effort is quickly replaced by what can best be described as a highly visual waking dream of powerful imagery. 

Most people feel a sense of great heat from my hands as I place them on or close to areas of the body that need healing. However, if you don’t feel anything it doesn’t mean that nothing is happening! Some patients report that during a session they experience curious sensations of internal movement, pulling or even tugging even though my hands are quite still. Many more say that they could feel three hands working on them simultaneously! 

Over the years the length of time of the healing has settled at about 20 minutes on each session although it clearly continues to work for days and weeks afterwards. People often find it an extraordinarily difficult experience to articulate and many drift into a quiet reflective space for some time afterwards. 

I’m not a miracle worker - even though there are occasionally exceptional results very quickly - so I tend to work with patients over a period of time, usually spacing appointments on a monthly basis. 

I always count my blessings that I was, for whatever reason, given this gift. It’s my passion and raison d’etre. I love it when a session has finished and I’m asked, “Is my mascara running?” 

Healing works not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually - and it’s benefits are lasting and often life-changing.

I’m getting older, and I hope a little wiser, and if I’ve learned nothing else, I know that healing is a state of being. 

It is entered with an open heart, compassion, and empathy.  Quiet moments of listening - not to reply - allow us to hold space for another.  Healing flows within this divine reverence, and with no judgement we become the light.  We float on an ocean of sublime bliss with no barriers, in a field where anything is possible. 

This is healing. Only love is real.



When completing this form, please be sure to provide as much information as possible - when your symptoms began, the date of your diagnosis, and all medical treatment, including prescription drugs. This helps me to quickly decide whether or not I feel I can help.

Please note that this online form must be completed by the person requesting an appointment, unless you are unable to speak English or are wanting an appointment for someone under the age of 18.  

Unfortunately when appointments are made by a third party, experience shows that the patient frequently fails to attend a session. This deprives someone else in need of an appointment. 

I do not do telephone, Zoom appointments or home visits and do not see patients during weekends .