Several years ago I established the “Healing Hub”, a group of highly experienced healers across the country. They take on those patients who can't get to see me either because they are too ill to travel or live too far away from my healing centres. 

As well as being involved in healing they are all highly qualified, and insured, in other therapeutic areas such as counselling and hypnotherapy. Gill Wilson, one of the members, is also my PA. 

We all share the same vision of presenting healing professionally, in a down-to-earth way. Our goal, apart from helping those in need, is to make our work more accessible and accepted by both the public and the medical profession. 

I am frequently asked to suggest a healer more local to a prospective patient and only ever recommend my ‘Healing Hub’ members. I will now also be posting on this popular Facebook page as we draw closer together. 

If you don’t already follow us there, just click on this link: