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Matthew 🙏🏻

Welcome To My Website

You will find here all the information you need about different aspects of my work - private healing sessions, healing circles,  workshops, videos, healing meditations, patient feedback and a photographic gallery together with information about my Healing Community content.

I've worked as a healer for over 40 years having originally spent years working with scientists in laboratories. They tested my ability to successfully influence a range of biological 'targets' including blood cells, mould samples, enzymes, seeds and cancer cells. 

I'm not a miracle worker and will always be honest about whether or not  I can help - some conditions don't respond to my healing. I work alongside the medical profession and am not an 'alternative' to orthodox treatment.

"Matthew has a remarkable track record of working at the interface between body and soul. His knowledge is outstanding in both breadth and detail" 

Professor Karol Sikora, Dean of the University of Buckingham Medical School. 

"Matthew Manning is an extraordinary man. I have seen many patients who have previously attended Matthew for healing and every one of them has gained considerably from their meeting with him. My many years of training as a doctor and anaesthetist have taught me how much we do not know about the body and its healing processes. Matthew's powers are not discussed in medical textbooks, but I can verify their efficacy from those patients I have met". 

Dr Brian Roet, formerly of Charing Cross Hospital, London.


A major new study has confirmed that touch significantly benefits both physical and mental health, with particular advantages for people facing health challenges. Researchers conducted a review of 212 studies, involving a total of 13,000 people, to explore the health benefits of touch.

The findings demonstrate that the nature of the touch, the person providing it, or the duration matters less than the frequency, suggesting even brief interactions like hugs can be profoundly impactful.

Furthermore, while touch can improve physical well-being it appears essential for alleviating mental health conditions, underscoring the emotional component of touch. The research also highlights the enhanced benefits of parental touch for newborns, emphasising its potential to support infant health in critical care situations. 

Scientists from the Social Brain Lab at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience and the University Hospital Essen found that, interestingly, the person touching you, and the duration of their touch doesn’t make a difference in terms of impact. A long-lasting massage by a therapist could therefore be just as effective as a quick hug offered by a friend.
That is, until the frequency of the intervention is considered. The more often a touch intervention is offered, the greater the impact. A quick hug could therefore be even more impactful than a massage if it is offered more frequently.

“These benefits were robustly present, promoting the conclusion that touch interventions can be systematically employed across the population to preserve and improve our health,” the researchers write. 
For anyone who is sceptical of healing, this report is essential reading!
(The study is published in the journal Nature Human Behaviour.)