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Ocean of Compassion - Download Version

'Ocean of Compassion' is a requiem to the heart of healing.  Part one features Matthew's gentle voice guiding you along pathways for healing yourself, your loved ones, the whole planet and beyond.

Each track leads into the next to produce one extended meditation.  The specially composed music by Anita Ridley features soaring orchestral strings, haunting electric and acoustic violins, gentle guitars, harmonious piano, heavenly choral voices and soft chants. They all blend in perfect unity to lead you through an emotive and heart-based journey of the senses.

The second half  is a purely instrumental version. You may wish to use it in your own therapy group or healing room - or simply enjoy it for your own listening pleasure. 

 The total double album is 100 minutes long.

Heart of Time - Download Version

Take a journey through birth, life, death and rebirth on a path of unending love.  Let your soul be moved and filled with light  as you are immersed in an encompassing sound shower of stunning rhythms, voices and melodies - from the haunting 'Ezan' to the bittersweet 'Mourning Light' and the magnificent, thunderous 'Heart of Time'.

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Healing Phantasia Double Album CD/DVD
  • Healing Phantasia Double Album CD/DVD
  • Healing Phantasia Double Album CD/DVD
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Presented in Eco-friendly packaging

Matthew Manning's 'The Path to Health', 1982, set high standards: It was Matthew’s very first healing meditation and featured the hauntingly beautiful music of Robert Godfrey, classically trained keyboard player with 'The Enid'. It's also believed to be the first time music was used to back a vocal relaxation track. In 2018, Anita Ridley, in another first, sought to enhance its mood and setting, adding her own brand of sublime, soul searing violin to the original recording.

'The Path to Health' has been digitally remastered by Garrod Tucker.

'Just Relax', became Matthew's most popular recording of the 1980s, selling over 200,000 copies in its original format. Combining Matthew's voice and the sounds of nature and set on a spring morning, so many have enjoyed its simplicity. Lasting just thirteen minutes, it makes for perfect listening at the beginning of a brand new day. His favourite recording of that decade was 'The Miracle of Love', 1987, again working with the inimitable Robert Godfrey. It features simply inspirational orchestral music: a spontaneous recording, nothing added nor removed.

In 2018, the multi talented Anita Ridley added her own very special brand of magic to Matthew's spoken word recordings: 'The Path to Health' and 'The Miracle of Love' to spellbinding effect. The viewer sets out on an expansive journey, during which stunning images and effects are woven: Matthew's meditations are taken to new spiritual heights! You can see images unravel of magical gardens, sultry seascapes and take a ride through the universe whilst sampling the special energy for which Matthew has become so well known.

Whether you are a healer or seeking self help, you are sure to benefit from the enhancements to these recordings.

Includes two bonus videos: Matthew Manning's Healing Circles, filmed and produced by Finn Wheater, featuring a track from 'In Unity' by Tim Wheater. 'The Healing Intent Workshop', produced by Anita Ridley, featuring a track from 'Heartlands' by Tim Wheater.


  1. Just Relax 13.21
  2. The Path to Health 19.38
  3. The Miracle of Love 20.15


  1. The Path to Health 19.38
  2. The Miracle of Love 20.15
  3. Healing Circle 6.33
  4. Healing Intent Workshop 8.41
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Matthew Manning's Healing Cards
  • Matthew Manning's Healing Cards
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You might be interested in my new set of 10 healing cards.

Each one is different and although there are two angel images, most of the remaining photographs I've taken myself on Dartmoor. I've chosen powerful visual imagery that reflects the beauty of nature - you'll even see one of my badgers at the bottom of one card!

Each card has a different uplifting and positive healing quote or affirmation for maintaining spiritual balance. They're great for your own daily personal use and enjoyment or for giving to someone else in need.

Printed on good quality card with a semi-matt finish, they come in a cellophane envelope.

I hope you get as much enjoyment from them as I did producing them!

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