Matthew and Anita

Matthew and Anita

When you understand that everything is frequency, the universe becomes a symphony

When you understand that everything is frequency, the universe becomes a symphony

All The Days of Your Life by Matthew Manning, Anita Ridley and Tim Wheater

Walking Meditation Preview

This is a short trailer from my newest video available on my Healing Community pages. The footage is breathtaking!   

People often assume that meditation involves sitting still in one position with eyes closed - but there are other ways to meditate. During the months of lockdown I was fortunate enough to be able to walk miles each day on Dartmoor, quickly discovering how meditational it could be.   

This 'walking meditation' captures that experience. As I walked, I tried to remain mindful of each moment, always bringing my mind to the present moment, focusing on the sounds around me, my breath or any physical sensations. I gently tuned into my thoughts and observed them as they came and went.   

I hope my new video will help you to also enjoy the benefits of walking meditation.


Circle of Healing - Preview-Matthew Manning and Anita Ridley to accompany his Distant Healing session. The full track and video can be viewed on the Distant Healing pages on this website...

Grounding Meditation Preview

My grounding meditation is available on my Healing Community page. The accompanying video includes breathtaking scenes that we've filmed on Dartmoor, and in particular, at the mystical Hound Tor. 

Grounding is a spiritual term, referring to centring one's soul in the body, and in turn, connecting it with Mother Earth. As I've discovered, when these connections are strong, it helps you feel safer and more in touch with the earth and Mother Nature. 

If you experience fear and anxiety in your everyday life, it's possible that you have become ungrounded. Practicing a guided grounding meditation allows you to focus your mind on the present allowing you to feel more balanced, calm and peaceful. 

This is a short trailer for my grounding meditation. 🙏🏻


A Journey into Healing

The Gift - Preview

The full 20 minute music track and video for The Gift can be viewed via subscription to my Healing Community pages on this website

Music - an excerpt from 'Miracle of Love' instrumental by Matthew Manning and Anita Ridley

The Joining - A Preview

The Train of Life - Music excerpt from 'All The Days of Your Life' Matthew Manning, Anita Ridley and Tim Wheater

Ocean of Compassion Album Preview

The Healing Intent Workshop

Healing Circles

Heart of Time Album Preview

Healing Phantasia Album Preview

Just Relax - An archive video from 1989