Please press on the image above to access the Healing Community subscription link.

Please press on the image above to access the Healing Community subscription link.


I’m excited to let you know that my next global healing event will be on Sunday, September 26th, at 18.00 hours (UK time). I’ve been holding them for the past year every three months but now hope to involve you on a monthly basis! 

From the hundreds of messages that we receive after each event, it’s clear that many of you have also been using part of our hour-long healing as a time to send love, light, and healing to areas of the world that are war-torn or in turmoil. Sometimes it’s easy to feel that your input may have limited impact but social science research actually suggests otherwise. 

Sixty years ago, the Maharishi suggested that if just 1% of a population practiced the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique it would produce measurable improvements in the quality of life for the whole population. 

This phenomenon was first noticed in 1974 and published in a paper in 1976. It was reported that when 1% of a community practiced TM, the crime rate was reduced by 16%. During the following decade, TM was practiced in large groups on numerous occasions and the first statistical analysis of the effects was published in 1987. 

These showed a decrease of about 11% in violent crimes in Washington, D.C., in total crimes in metro Manila, and in total crimes in the Union Territory of Delhi. The ‘p values’ (the probabilities of the observed changes happening by chance) of these three effects were 0.01, 0.005, and 0,001, which are excellent results in social science. 

It then became possible to lodge a prediction in advance with the police and the mayor of a city and create the effect. This was put to the test under the careful scrutiny of a distinguished review board in 1993 in Washington, D.C. The maximum decrease in violent crimes was 23.3%. The statistical probability that this result could reflect chance variation in crime levels was less than 2 in 1 billion. 

More recently, for the period 2007-2010, statistical analysis from another TM study found a significant decrease in both the national homicide rate and urban violent crime rate compared to trends during the baseline period of 2002-2006. The total drop in the homicide rate was 21.1% over the four-year meditation intervention period. Researchers estimate that 8,157 murders were averted by the highly significant shift from an increasing to a decreasing trend in homicide rates. 

David Edwards, Professor of Government at the University of Texas, Austin, writes: “I think the claim can be plausibly made that the potential impact of this research exceeds that of any other ongoing social or psychological research program. It has survived a broader array of statistical tests than most research in the field of conflict resolution. This work and the theory that informs it deserve the most serious consideration by academics and policy makers alike.” 

Some of you were involved in this country during 1980s with The Fountain Group which worked in much the same way as the TM movement. Hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of people would join together at a prearranged time across Britain to meditate and specifically send healing to towns and cities blighted by anti-social behaviour, vandalism, or crime. Although the results weren’t scrutinised in the same way as the TM studies, the effect appeared to be the same. 

For anyone who wants to bring greater healing, tolerance and light to this world we all share, please also join us each month for my Global Healing Events. 


After each Global Healing Event we receive many beautiful messages from participants all over the world, some of which I've shared below.

I hold a one-hour Global Healing Event for my healing community subscribers every month. Anita’s music is spellbindingly beautiful and carries us into the most sublime realms and my meditational words become almost like poetry.

These events stay online for 24 hours to accommodate the different time zones around the world. Whether you need healing yourself or want to direct it to others, it’s a perfect opportunity to join me and become at one with the extraordinary energy that is generated. 

I also hold a weekly distant healing session from my Healing Community pages. 

“That was fabulous and deeply relaxing. I could feel the waves of energy pulsing and was surrounded by wonderful colours.” 

“Listening to it in New Zealand, this healing has blown my mind - from starting off, to being relaxed, to then becoming so hot I thought I would burst into flames. And tears in my eyes, then floating away and being calm. Then the healing started ... hot again to almost hot. I am amazed at this experience.”  

“The healing energy was palpable. I was roasting hot with buzzing hands. It was as if we were all together in one space. What a truly amazing experience.” 

“What an amazing healing experience. I became aware of the energy building so high from about 18.30 ... Such an emotional healing for me, tears ran down my face at times. I opened my eyes as my hands were buzzing so much. I’ve never seen such energy coming from my fingertips before. I felt I could fly!” 

“Tonight’s mass healing was like being in an epic movie where we all travelled to the beginning of time and back with our friends and family. What an amazing experience. It demonstrated that our mind/spirit have no boundaries.” 

“That was intense and powerful indeed. I felt I was part of something ... more connected and my sense of being alone left me. Instead, I found that hope and peace is still within reach.” 

If you'd like to take part in these events or any of the other benefits we include for our Healing Community subscribers , please click on the image below to link to the subscription page.

Please press on the image above to access the Healing Community subscription link.

Please press on the image above to access the Healing Community subscription link.