It was early 1973 and I’d gone to a Status Quo concert at the Cambridge Corn Exchange as they played their recently released album ‘Pile Driver’. In those days it was standing only - there were no seats - and there was a bar to the back of the hall where you could often have a drink with band members before they went on stage. 

That night I found myself almost next to Status Quo as they downed pints when the track ‘Money’ from Pink Floyd’s newly released album ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ came crashing through the PA system. Nobody had heard anything like it before and the crowd went wild. 

Alan Lancaster, then Status Quo’s bass player, turned to Francis Rossi and said: “That’s set the bar rather high!” In truth, it hadn’t as the musical style of the two bands was completely different. 

That was the night Pink Floyd’s music became a permanent fixture in my life. Ironically, they also grew up around Cambridge. 

Almost a decade later it was my turn to be on stage as I travelled around the country presenting healing demonstrations. I’d always wanted to do something a little more theatrical than simply healing someone seated on a chair, as was then the tradition. I had a simple stage set constructed which included a screen on which I could show dissolving slides of sunsets or the cosmos. At a time when it was all the rage to play New Age music as a soundtrack to healing, I bucked the trend and looped together a number of Pink Floyd’s instrumental tracks. 

It left the traditional healing community somewhat perplexed and bemused but it also attracted a new audience of younger people who loved my different way of presenting a healing demonstration. After all this time many of you still follow me and remember my early events. 

Years later one of my most memorable evenings was a party at David Gilmour’s house when he lived in Sunbury-on-Thames. The gardens rolled down to the River Thames whilst the entire ground floor of the beautiful building had been turned into a huge indoor swimming pool. 

When Anita and I began work on the music for our next online mass healing event - “If Hearts Are Gardens” - I wanted to emulate the Pink Floyd sound. Anita is a violinist and David Gilmour is a guitarist so it didn’t seem possible. However, and I’m not saying how we achieved it, but with some jiggery pokery we have absolutely achieved it. Listening to our finished one-hour track it’s a beautiful homage to Pink Floyd’s musical style. 

The music and video are now completed and the dandelion clocks, as in this image, form an integral part of the journey that we will be sharing with you for the next online mass healing at 18.00 hours on Sunday, 1st August from the Healing Community pages of this website.


Over the past few months, we have received dozens of beautiful messages from participants all over the world. There are so many that I can only share a few here. 

I hold a one-hour Mass Global Healing Event for my healing community subscribers every twelve weeks and each one is completely different. As many of you know, Anita’s music is spellbindingly beautiful and carries us into the most sublime realms. I write different words - which have become almost like poetry - for each event and we create a brand new video for every occasion. 

These events stay online on my website for 24 hours to accommodate the different time zones around the world. Whether you need healing yourself or want to direct it to others, it’s a perfect opportunity to join me and become at one with the extraordinary energy that is generated. 

And don’t forget that I also hold a shorter but regular distant healing session on a weekly basis in which you can also participate. That too is accessed from the Healing Community pages of my website. 

“That was fabulous and deeply relaxing. I could feel the waves of energy pulsing and was surrounded by wonderful colours.” 

“Listening to it in New Zealand, this healing has blown my mind - from starting off, to being relaxed, to then becoming so hot I thought I would burst into flames. And tears in my eyes, then floating away and being calm. Then the healing started ... hot again to almost hot. I am amazed at this experience.”  

“The healing energy was palpable. I was roasting hot with buzzing hands. It was as if we were all together in one space. What a truly amazing experience.” 

“What an amazing healing experience. I became aware of the energy building so high from about 18.30 ... Such an emotional healing for me, tears ran down my face at times. I opened my eyes as my hands were buzzing so much. I’ve never seen such energy coming from my fingertips before. I felt I could fly!” 

“Tonight’s mass healing was like being in an epic movie where we all travelled to the beginning of time and back with our friends and family. What an amazing experience. It demonstrated that our mind/spirit have no boundaries.” 

“That was intense and powerful indeed. I felt I was part of something ... more connected and my sense of being alone left me. Instead, I found that hope and peace is still within reach.” 

Anita and I have already started work on the next mass online healing event. Inspired by my beautiful garden, we have huge scope for gorgeous music, words and video! We will announce a date soon for early August. ❤️

If you'd like to take part in these events or any of the other benefits we include for our Healing Community subscribers , please click on the image below to link to the details.

Please press on the image above to access the Healing Community subscription link.

Please press on the image above to access the Healing Community subscription link.

Please press on the image above to access the Healing Community subscription link.

Please press on the image above to access the Healing Community subscription link.