Mass Distant Healing Events

Our next Mass Healing Circle will be held on Sunday 2nd May 2021 and is available, via subscription to our Healing Community pages.

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Please press on the image above to access the Healing Community subscription link.

Please press on the image above to access the Healing Community subscription link.


Creativity has struck again - in an unforeseen way - as I work with Anita on the next mass online healing circle on 2 May. We invariably do our initial work in our own spaces before coming together to commit music and words to the recording process. 

The theme of my next meditation was an ancient tree and, as always, the words had ‘written themselves’. In the meantime, Anita had loosely composed several passages of beautiful music and we felt confident that it would all marry together during rehearsals. 

But for unknown reasons we couldn’t get it to work. It was as if the music and lyrics didn’t want to get together. Curiously, when I listened to the music through headphones new and different words for a healing meditation poured forth with no preparation. (I’ve kept my original words for future use.) 

It is entitled ‘Healing Flight’ and creates the most sensitive, flying and powerful healing energy. We always like to do something a little different so be prepared for a quirky start! 

The end result is a combination of different mixing techniques with an hour of healing, music, voice and video. These projects are a technological nightmare that involve several computers, video cameras and a mixing desk. I wouldn’t know where to start so I really admire and depend upon Anita’s computer wizardry. 

‘Healing Flight’ is now well under way and we are so looking forward to sharing it with you. We’ve also recently acquired a drone that carries a lightweight video recorder so we’re looking forward to incorporating some high resolution images as we play with it. 

As always, the event will be streamed from the Healing Community subscription pages of this website.