MASS DISTANT HEALING 14th FEBRUARY 2021 at 18.00 hrs


Every one of my mass online healing circles is an enormous project as Anita and I have to find a theme, compose and record new music, and create a one-hour video to accompany it. Each new project takes hundreds of hours to complete. 

With ‘Sacred Reverence’ I had a concept of meeting light beings, wise ones and spiritual guides. The resulting meditational journey is completely different from any area I’ve previously explored and so, consequently, is Anita’s music. My own spiritual quest over the years has been guided by numerous spiritual figures - Ram Dass, George Harrison, and Stephen Levine to mention just a few. 

I came up with what initially sounded a rather odd idea. It was to incorporate the late Stephen Levine’s voice in our recording as he’s been such an influence in my healing work. Thanks to the marvels of modern technology we’ve succeeded in doing this and it’s created a meditation within a meditation - something that’s never been tried before! 

Our bar is always set enormously high on the creative front and it’s not unusual for sections of work to be discarded if they don’t sit properly or sound right. Anita was looking for inspiration for a particular musical passage and had a “light bulb moment” which dovetailed beautifully with my meditational theme. 

“If you apply a musical stave to Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting, ‘The Last Supper’, the cups and different objects on the table form a pattern of musical notes. He was a musician and played numerous instruments himself,” Anita explains. “I listened a few times to the music that it created and wasn’t keen on it. Because he was left-handed and wrote from right to left, I wanted to hear how it sounded in reverse so I transposed it into the same key I was composing in and reversed it. I was stunned! It fitted perfectly to the music I’d already written and has added wonderful atmosphere and harmonic energy to the composition.” 

Our left-field ideas have gelled beautifully and seamlessly on ‘Sacred Reverence’ and we can’t wait to share it with you. 

It will go out live from the Healing Community pages of my website at 18.00 hours on Sunday, 14th February. Do join us if you’d like even more love (and healing) on your Valentine’s Day!


Anita and I have already spent many hours composing music, writing new words and recording our next one-hour piece for my mass online healing in February. Reading the comments below - just a handful of the hundreds we've received after the last two events - our bar is set very high! 

The creative process is intriguing as we strongly feel that we are somehow 'channeling' both the music and lyrics. Although I'm picking up the words in meditation and dreams - and Anita is experiencing a very similar thing with her music - we quite frequently discard sections when they suddenly no longer fit. 

Entitled "Sacred Reverence", it is leading us to explore the wisdom of great masters who have gone before whilst confirming our interconnectedness on a spiritual level. It's certainly different to "Loud Silence" and "Rivers of Light" that we used previously - but both creativity and healing always need to ascend to greater heights. 

"This healing has blown my mind" 

"That was amazing" 

"The healing energy was palpable" 

"I could feel the waves of energy pulsing. It was fabulous" 

"Amazing healing and for a while the heat was almost too hot" 

"It was a profound coming together" 

"The last hour has been amazing" 

"Wow! What a journey that was!" 

"Such a musical and visual healing experience" 

"I feel numb and my body is heavy and very relaxed" 

"This is love" 

"Profoundly beautiful and moving" 

We've chosen Sunday February 14 at 18.00 hrs and the Event will remain online for 24 hrs to take global time differences into consideration. It's rather fitting to hold a mass event involving love and healing on Valentine's Day. As always, it will be streamed from the Healing Community subscription pages of my website so if you're not already a member do make sure you sign up so as not to miss it! 


"In a circle of healing, we are all equal. There is no one in front of you and there's nobody behind you. No one is above you and no one is below you. The circle of healing is sacred because it is designed to create unity." 

"In a circle of healing, we are all equal. There is no one in front of you and there's nobody behind you. No one is above you and no one is below you. The circle of healing is sacred because it is designed to create unity."