I've set up this page, 'Hope in Troubled Times', for anyone to dip in and out whenever they like. 

So many people are struggling at the moment with emotional swings, confused feelings or fear and anxiety. This page includes our own positive and inspiring memes, short meditations, music and videos. 

So if you need a mental, emotional or spiritual lift just visit my website on a regular basis. We will be updating the new page as often as possible. 

If you'd like to leave your email address in the box on my homepage you'll also get a positive message from me once a week. 🙏🏻


A Guided Meditation - Grounding

My grounding meditation is available on my Healing Community page. The accompanying video includes breathtaking scenes that we've filmed on Dartmoor, and in particular, at the mystical Hound Tor. 

Grounding is a spiritual term, referring to centring one's soul in the body, and in turn, connecting it with Mother Earth. As I've discovered, when these connections are strong, it helps you feel safer and more in touch with the earth and Mother Nature. 

If you experience fear and anxiety in your everyday life, it's possible that you have become ungrounded. Practicing a guided grounding meditation allows you to focus your mind on the present allowing you to feel more balanced, calm and peaceful. 

This is a short trailer for my grounding meditation. 🙏🏻


A Guided Meditation - 'Finding Peace'

At the moment I'm spending time writing and recording new meditations and creating beautiful videos to accompany them. The first, "A Guided Morning Meditation: Finding Peace", is now recorded and it will be available for subscribers to my Healing Community page. This is a short trailer and the beautiful setting is one of many peaceful places on Dartmoor that will feature in the new 25-minute videos. 

Filmed at Deep Marsh, a sheltered and idyllic haven for wildlife, it features crystal clear waters flowing gently past granite cliffs topped by trees. The river ripples over rocks and tumbles over boulders, providing a home for trout and eels. Kingfishers dart overhead whilst birdsong blends with the sounds of the water. 

We will also simultaneously produce an 'unspoken' version of each video as nature itself is extraordinarily reflective and meditative. So many of you have enjoyed my posts in lockdown from Dartmoor that I know you'll love the new full-length videos!



We're all together in this pandemic and lockdown. These are unprecedented times giving rise to a myriad of emotions.

This is a gift to everyone - something Anita Ridley, Tim Wheater and I have created remotely in the past few days. It's so important to focus on the positives from lockdown.

We are humbled by the NHS and keyworkers for their heroism. We're all trying to do our bit to stay safe and well.

With healing blessings




‘Risks’ - Matthew Manning and Anita Ridley




The Old Man Said ...Matthew Manning & Anita Ridley