The past 18 months have been unprecedented for all of us and for many, things will never be quite the same as they were before. I’ve spent much time pondering my future live events and will be making some changes. 

As of next year I will only be holding my healing circles at one venue in England as I found that driving all over the country and staying in hotels has become too demanding. I’ve found the most wonderful hall in Stagsden, a small but historic village in northwest Bedfordshire, which is perfect for my needs. As you can see, it’s a beautiful building with enormous high-ceilinged space within. 

It’s close to the motorway system so is easily accessible from different parts of the country, and it’s just over an hour by rail from London’s Victoria station. There are numerous places to stay locally and many places to eat. 

I’ll be holding healing circles every other month (11.00-12.30 and 1.30-2.30) and numbers will be restricted to 40 participants. 

Anita Ridley and I have recorded an enormous amount of new music during the past 18 months which I’ve used for my online Global Healing events. I’m really excited to play some of these breathtaking pieces in next year’s circles - and I’ll have a new Bose PA system for the ultimate listening experience! 

This post is merely to let you know the dates and setting for the 2022 circles. Tickets will not be available until the beginning of December but in the meantime make a note in your diary! 

I am also working on my new “Healing Wave” event for next year which will be a combination of workshop and healing circle together with live music and visuals. We have yet to confirm dates with the venue for these, but they will be taking place only in Leeds …

Healing Circle Video


Although you may have seen some of these photographs previously, I thought I’d share them again ahead of my newly announced healing circles next year. 

The colour photos were taken by Ron Bowers a few years ago and represent a small number of a large collection of anomalous pictures taken during two different events. 

The first two were taken during a healing session with a patient - a total of eight different photos showed balls of light and one appeared to show a light being standing to one side of me. The other photos were taken about a year later during a healing circle. Once again, they are just two pictures amongst many that captured light formations. 

There will always be sceptics and cynics claiming that the photos have been photoshopped but I can assure you they haven’t. Ron is a quiet unassuming gentleman who simply snaps away with an ordinary camera! The black and white photos of me were taken in Toronto, Canada, in 1977 with a Polaroid camera - decades before Photoshop had been invented! 

I’ve got quite a collection of these photos taken over the years but it shows that sometimes it’s possible to capture healing energies on film. Ron will return to some of my healing circles next year so you can see for yourself what happens!