I believe that we can all learn to develop our healing abilities and my workshop is for other therapists, experienced healers - or novices!


I'll be leading you through various exercises to allow you to personally experience both internal and external energies, and how these dramatically change with your own healing intent. You'll get a chance to work with me in small groups and meditative exercises. There will also be plenty of time for questions and discussion.


'The Healing Intent Workshop' will provide you with insight, inspiration and grounded information whether you want to improve your own health and quality of life or that of others.

A one-day Workshop with the world’s

most scientifically tested healer

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Several  years  ago  I  attended  one  of  your  workshops  due  to  being  told  I  could  be  a  good  channel  for  healing  and wanted  to  understand  a  bit  more  about  the  subject  as  some  of  my  friends  and  family  were suffering  life-threatening problems.  I  enjoyed  the  day  but  was  totally  shocked  by  what  I  experienced  the following  day.  I  had  suffered  for a  few  years  from  a  very  painful  left  shoulder  and  had  difficulty  putting  on a  coat  or  jacket. X-rays  showed  arthritis, and  doctors  could  only  offer  tablets  to  dull  the  pain  but  the  day  after  I  attended  your  workshop  the  pain  almost completely  disappeared  from  my  shoulder  and  many  years  later  has  not  returned.

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Saturday 28th July 2018 10.00 - 5.00


Tickets are £60


To book a place, please click the link below



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Saturday 6th October 2018 10.00 - 5.30


Tickets are £65


To book a place, please click the link below



Leeds Booking



Saturday 20th October 10.00 - 5.00


Tickets are €60 for general admission, and €40 for concessions (Student, OAP, etc)


To book a place, please click the link below




Dublin Booking

"Amazing experience," "Incredible", "A unique experience", "Just fantastic," "The energy in the room was electric," were a few of the comments.


James messaged to say, "Thank you for an incredible weekend of healing. I learned a lot. And it has given me the motivation to get back into healing again. Although I have been a full member of the NFSH for 15 years, I came away from it a few years ago."


I'm thrilled when I hear things like this because ultimately that's what I hope to inspire and encourage with my workshops.


Amongst many healings, one lady in the workshop on Saturday had an extraordinary experience whilst I was working with Wendy during the healing demonstration. For a long time, she's been using sticks to help her walk as she needs hip replacements and is in constant pain.


Unfortunately, because of another serious medical problem she's not able to undergo surgery.

She arrived at the healing circles yesterday free of pain - and without the need of her sticks!

And another lovely lady with severe neurological problems who joined the healing circles yesterday was able to open her left hand again - for the first time in 20 years!