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When I was presenting 'Beyond Belief' with Sir David Frost for ITV in the 1990s, I was approached by the BBC to make a more serious documentary about my work. 'Order from Chaos', shown on BBC2 in 1995, was the result.


I'd also previously made a film with them, 'A Course in Healing', that had aired in the 1980s.



This video was made in the early 1990's by the now defunct Landscape Channel, one of the first TV satellite channels in the UK. They broadcast beautifully filmed videos of relaxation music that could be streamed into your home, doctors/dentists waiting rooms and other venues needing peace and tranquility.


The quality isn't as good as I'd like as I've had to transfer it from an old VHS tape to a digital format.


It is not available for sale but I have many similar tracks on my two CDs that you'll find just as relaxing and healing. To purchase a CD, please click here



People who've not been to one of my healing circles are always curious about what happens and how it works.


This video was professionally filmed at a circle last autumn when I was joined by my good friend Tim Wheater who played live music at the event. We've worked together for over 35 years and I like to think that it shows!


Whilst my healing circles generally last for about 50 minutes, we have edited it down in this video to just over six minutes. I hold circles on a regular basis around Britain and details are always on my website and on the Events section of my Facebook page - Matthew Manning (UK Healer)


I hope you enjoy this video  - please share it - and perhaps you can join me personally at a future healing circle.




This interview was recorded for Conscious TV in the 2000s but for anyone wanting to know more about my work and my path as a healer, it's still well-worth watching.


Please click on the link below to watch the interview



Conscious TV



This was filmed at London's Festival of Mind Body & Spirit in 1997 and for 20 years I thought the original tape had been lost. But I then recently found it again. Unfortunately, we were unable to remove the timer from the screen as it's embedded in the original VHS tape.


In an absolutely packed hall, I was joined by my friends Robert Godfrey of The Enid and flautist Tim Wheater. If you were at the event, you may catch a glimpse of yourself at the front but there were also crowds of people from the front to the back of the venue filling all the aisles. At the time, it was estimated that around 5,000 people participated in this mass healing.


It's a great piece of 'healing history' and the faces of so many of the participants show the effect it had on many people that day.



I gave this interview to a local community radio station in December, 2017. It was a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere and we got into some interesting areas of discussion.




This is an excerpt from an ITV series, 'Magic and Mystery', presented by Nick Knowles in the mid-1990s. It shows me at work and includes an interesting interview with Dr Brian Roet, a former anaesthetist at the Charing Cross Hospital in London.



Here's the first documentary I made with BBC TV in 1985 and it covers the phenomena that occurred around me in my early years and interviews with some of my patients from that time. It caused a huge response when first broadcast on BBC 2.


Gill Hurd, who features in the film, had been given just three months to live after being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer that had spread to every part of her body. 14 months after I began treating her, a CT scan showed her to be disease-free. She lived for another 18 years.


Dan Hutchison had been diagnosed with a tumour the size of a small melon in his right adrenal gland that had spread to his liver. Declining surgery, he was told that he had about six months to live. An MRI scan in 1992 revealed that the cancer had completely disappeared. He eventually passed away about 20 years after his cancer diagnosis after suffering from a stroke.


Listen to their stories...