Absent Healing

I write with joyful news! Tulip's vet visited her yesterday, three months on from her diagnosis, when he originally confirmed that her heart murmur was "very audible".

Yesterday, the vet confirmed that he could hardly hear a heart murmur at all!! Tulip's heartbeat, heart rate and colour are all absolutely normal and he feels that she will far outlive expectations. Tulip has put on weight and is obviously feeling well and happy.

I cannot thank you enough, Matthew. I am overjoyed and full of gratitude. I should be delighted if you could spare a moment of healing for Tulip, on occasion, as and when time allows in the future and should be pleased to donate to Air Ambulance in recognition of your wonderful gift and to share the love! Thank you for sharing your gift.
Tulip's vet visited to assess her last week, four months on from his last visit. I am delighted to report that in his words:- "I can find no heart murmur. I know it must be there, but I cannot find it".

Imagine our delight. You will remember that after his first visit, following Tulip's admission for heart failure, he said "Tulip's heart murmur is VERY audible". He also confirmed that she is a good weight, her colour is excellent and that:-

"She is in incredible condition for a cat with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy!".

I am thrilled to see Tulip on your website and thank you with every part of my being for your wonderful gift of healing for my pride and joy, Tulip.