The Healing Space - Double CD


During the 1980s I produced a large range of other self-help recordings, starting with "Just Relax". I was doing all the recording, distribution and selling - there was no big company behind me - yet that title alone eventually sold over 200,000 copies!

I then met Robert Godfrey, a founding member of a group called 'The Enid'. He was a prodigiously talented pianist and keyboard player and had trained at both the Royal College of Music and then the Royal Academy of Music. We were almost neighbours and he had a state-of-the-art recording studio that he was keen for me to use.

The first recording I made there was a double cassette entitled 'Fighting Back'. It included a track 'The Path to Health' which I'd only ever intended to record as a vocal piece with ambient nature sounds in the background. As I began recording it, Robert asked if I'd ever thought of adding music. When he started to play alongside me on his grand piano it was just beautiful. I believe I was the first person at that time to use specially recorded music to back a vocal track for relaxation. When it was released in 1982 listeners just loved it! And so began a long working relationship with Robert who produced the music on each of these tracks, with the exception of Just Relax.

By the early 1990s the business of marketing and distributing numerous titles became too much for me to cope with as I was traveling almost continuously around the world doing healing demonstrations, circles, and workshops. I therefore sold it to another company who within a few years ceased trading so that my product was no longer available.

Many years later most of the original master tapes came back to me, although some had been lost. Therefore a few of the tracks on this CD have been digitised from a cassette tape that was over 30 years old so please be understanding if the sound quality isn't absolutely perfect!  Listening now to these tracks - and I hadn't heard some of them for decades - I was pleased that they still pretty much stand the test of time. I'm also thrilled that they are once more available for a new audience.

On a personal note, my favourite is 'The Miracle of Love' originally recorded in 1987. Robert and I had both experienced difficulties with our fathers and had spent much time discussing it. My daughter was almost three years old and I'd been determined as a new parent to 'break the mould' with her upbringing. One night (or early morning), Robert and I were in the studio and he struck a bell-like sound from his synthesiser. It prompted me to spontaneously recite an inspiring verse I'd recently read - "There is no wall that enough love cannot tear down..." Robert seized on it and began playing the most beautiful orchestral string arrangement and the recording that came about was absolutely spontaneous and unplanned. When we played it back, we were both extraordinarily affected by it - he by my words about forgiveness and me by the utter magic of the music. We never added or removed anything from that original recording and what you hear is exactly what was recorded in just one take.

Track Listing;

DISC ONE; 1) Just Relax   2) The Path to Health   3)  The Miracle of Love

DISC TWO; 1)  Healing Cancer - a positive visualisation exercise         2) The Mirror- healing relationships


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