Matthew Manning


"Matthew Manning is an extraordinary man. I have seen many patients who have previously attended Matthew for healing and every one of them has gained considerably from their meeting with him. My many years of training as a doctor and anaesthetist have taught me how much we do not know about the body and its healing processes. Matthew's powers are not discussed in medical textbooks, but I can verify their efficacy from those patients I have met."

Dr Brian Roet, formerly of Charing Cross Hospital, London

"He spent years being examined by scientists. These days he devotes himself to healing and is refreshingly non-evangelical about his work".

The Daily Telegraph

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"Matthew Manning offers positive approaches - from techniques to control stress and bring relaxation to those which build and foster self-image. He sets no limit to where it can lead"

The Guardian

Matthew Manning is a world-famous healer who has lectured and demonstrated his gifts all over the world. He has been involved in more scientific research and testing than any other healer and has addressed the Royal Society of Medicine and spoken to MP's in the Houses of Parliament about his healing work.


"In his book 'The Healing Journey', Matthew Manning cites plenty of proof that emotional health enhances physical health. The NHS could do itself a long-term investment favour by handing out a free copy to every patient" Publishing News (Books of the Year) 2001