"He spent years being examined by scientists. These days he devotes himself to healing and is refreshingly non-evangelical about his work".

The Daily Telegraph

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"Matthew Manning offers positive approaches - from techniques to control stress and bring relaxation to those which build and foster self-image. He sets no limit to where it can lead"

The Guardian

Matthew Manning is a world-famous healer who has lectured and demonstrated his gifts all over the world. He has been involved in more scientific research and testing than any other healer and has addressed the Royal Society of Medicine and spoken to MP's in the Houses of Parliament about his healing work.


"In his book 'The Healing Journey', Matthew Manning cites plenty of proof that emotional health enhances physical health. The NHS could do itself a long-term investment favour by handing out a free copy to every patient"


Publishing News (Books of the Year) 2001


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"Matthew's abilities are literally beyond belief." 


Sir David Frost, OBE


"Patients come from all over the world with problems ranging from back pain to secondary cancer. To give you an idea of the breadth of his constituents, the healer has been consulted by figures including John Cleese, Prince Phillip and Maureen Lipman. Manning is modest, unpretentious and engaging. When he put his hands close to my back, the effect was like a two kilo-watt electric fire. The heat was coming through two layers of clothing and the canvas back of the chair. I turned instinctively to see if he was holding anything in his hands - he wasn't."


Robert Chalmers (Independent on Sunday)

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Taken by Lord Snowden for Vogue in 1978.

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"The only person with psychic powers worth bothering about was Matthew Manning, the acclaimed and proven healer. His contribution was quietly miraculous."

I was looking through my archives and found this cartoon from The Daily Mirror in the early 1970s!

I also had the 'accolade' of being satirised in Private Eye's "Great Bores of Today" in 1978. It was a long-running series in which some immediately recognisable species of modern cultural bore is seen in their natural environs, haranguing bystanders, reporters, the TV viewer, or imagined listeners.


It included a lengthy piece that the bore utters distinguished in particular by the bland inconsistency of the bore's opinions!


"You should have stayed up you missed this man on Russell Harty who has these fantastic psychic powers young Indian I think he was..."


Although it was quite flattering to have been the butt of jokes, I was actually just as bored telling the same stories to the same chat show hosts!


I left it behind, went to India and began my life in healing.

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