Matthew Manning

In May this year Matthew received a request for healing from Inger, a 66 year-old Norwegian lady. She had been diagnosed a year ago with cancer of the womb which had spread to her lungs and numerous lymph nodes. In addition, and more dangerously, she had a tumour behind her heart that had wrapped itself around her aorta. Her doctors had told her that she had only a short time left to live. When he received her letter asking for help he explained that she needed her doctor's permission to travel because he could see just how seriously ill she was. However, Inger made the trip to Britain and she had five healing sessions at the end of May.

Last week he received an email with her "fantastic news". She'd been to the hospital to see her oncologist and "he was stunned at what he found". There was nothing to be found of the tumours or cancer cells in her body. "He had no explanation other than there is more in the world than we will ever understand".

It's a wonderful story, but always remember that dramatic cases like this don't happen to everyone.

"My new life starts this summer - the summer of 2014", says Inger.

** “Please can you thank Matthew for the treatment I received. It is so inspiring to know that in this day and age there is someone who selflessly dedicates his life to helping other people. He has made such a difference to me and I have really got my life back”

** “This afternoon I met Alan for the for the first time, he was paralysed and wheelchair bound three years ago. He is now walking on crutches. He has told me of the work/healing that you performed for him after doctors at St Barts told him that he would never walk again”

** "My chest pains/heart problem seems to have healed sometime after I saw you. My GP practice rang me in Aug 2010 to say my ultrasound scan was ‘absolutely perfect’! Incredible!! I am most grateful Matthew"

** "Richard and I offer our deep felt thank you for all the help you have given as we have lived with what has, in most people's words, been a challenge of health and relationships. We would not have coped as well without that help I am sure"

** "I enjoyed my meeting with Matthew very much. His charisma and his hands are amazing! But I also loved Matthew very much as a very nice person, a person you want to have as a friend. I have experienced a change in my back which is positive. And I think the change will be even better with time. Wonderful! A piece of my heart will remember and miss Matthew"