Matthew Manning

"Having suffered severe skin problems for close on two years, this ailment moved into an intense feeling "inside" of arctic cold in my bones. This was with me 24/7 and affected me severely. Normal NHS services were of no use. Having known of him for ages, I was immediately struck that he is a man of great warmth, a man I can trust. I had a session early in 2015 which after a week or two started to ease the intense cold. After further session. I am delighted to say that the cold has now gone. I feel truly blessed to know Matthew and to have received through him this healing. I cannot speak of him highly enough"



"Whatever you've been doing, please keep doing it!! :-) I am feeling better. I had modest pain that I didn't mention. It's chronic. It is gone and has been gone for approximately a week. I didn't expect this to happen and am very pleased. Thank you!!


"I have just returned from my healing sessions with Matthew. I have lost my back pain .......... without a need to get out of bed"



"We visited the Royal Marsden yesterday to get the results of recent scans and blood tests. Although I have had no chemotherapy or other treatment, the marker had been 766 in August and has now fallen to 17; also the scan shows a continuing stable situation"



"I wanted to write and thank you for the hope you gave her, and for the courage to live at least a little longer. It was truly a gift to see her fighting spirit rise and we are thankful for the last Christmas we got to spend with her"



"It is comforting to know that Martin stayed well for such a lot longer than we ever believed possible as well as pain free. We know it was you who helped bring that about"







"Matthew's treatment is a valuable bridge between orthodox and alternative ways of dealing with major illness. I strongly recommend it."  Maureen Lipman