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We visited the hospital yesterday to get the results of recent scans and blood tests. Although I have had no chemotherapy or other treatment, the marker had been 766 in August and has now fallen to 17; also the scan shows a continuing stable condition.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2002 and told that I had multiple cancers in that breast which would require a mastectomy, Biopsies were taken and I was diagnosed with grade 3 tumours, which they assumed had spread into my lymph nodes. I went to see Matthew between the diagnosis and the operation, during which they removed 17 lymph glands assuming that it would have spread.

I was called back in a couple of weeks for the diagnosis with the other two ladies who had the same operation. They were both told that their cancers had spread to their lymph glands and that they would require chemotherapy. When my turn came I was told that the cancer had not spread and that the tumours were much smaller than they had envisaged.

Matthew's words came true exactly to the word...except that they were in French. When we first met and he discussed treating the little tumour under my left eye, he said one of three things would happen. I would go to the dermatologist here in France and she would say 'I can't find it.'  'Where is it?' 2) It would stay as it is  and not get any bigger or 3) It would not work


I so wish I could have sent you both a video of the scene on Friday. My dermatologist was holding an enormous magnifying glass and seemed gobsmacked after she'd said those first two things . Then she looked very confused and asked me if I knew where it was. In the end, I told her about Matthew and she said she believes in the link between mind and body.


I am still in a state of not quite being able to believe it. I think Matthew would laugh at the image of a doctor approaching me with a can of smoking liquid nitrogen or a scalpel, only to be turned away. But I'm not surprised at all.

'Matthew's treatment is a valuable bridge between orthodox and alternative ways of dealing with major illness. I strongly recommend it'

Maureen Lipman CBE          


We met on two occasions, the first time back in the mid 80’s when I suffered problems with arthritis. I’d lost 70% mobility and had severe pain.  This was not a happy time - what with a dear wife and two young children.  However, after a session with your good self, all pain had gone within 3 weeks and FULL mobility had returned within 3 months.  I mean FULL mobility - I could perform normal gymnastics.

I saw Matthew over thirty years ago for healing of back pain and right sided lower stomach tumour. After sessions of healing with Matthew, much to the delight and the utter surprise of the medical professionals, the tumor disappeared.



In early 1992 Natasha Baker was fourteen months old when her mother, Lorraine, went to her cot one morning and found her paralysed. “She was like a rag doll. She couldn’t speak or even lift her head off the pillow”, said Lorraine.


Natasha was eventually diagnosed as having transverse myelitis, with the hospital only able to offer some physiotherapy.


“I felt there must be something more that could be done and in February 1992, I took Natasha to see Matthew. He put his hands on her back and within five minutes her legs started jumping around. We went once a month or so and Natasha’s condition improved every time”, her mother said.


During one particular session I remember that I suddenly jumped as I passed my hands over Natasha’s knees – it was as if an electric current had gone through me. The next day she was able to pedal her bike, which she hadn’t been able to do previously.


Later, Natasha had four sessions with me over a two-day period and the following day she was able to walk the length of her school hall all by herself during a Nativity play. Her parents were understandably thrilled.


Early in 2012 Natasha contacted me to tell me that the healing sessions had made a huge difference to her life.  “Mum and Dad are convinced that I would not be as independent as I am now had it not been for you.”


“I grew up on a farm and horses have been a huge part of my life. I started riding at my local Riding for the Disabled Association when I was eight years old and have progressed into an international Para Dressage rider.


Natasha is now a 5 time Gold Medal Paralympic Equestrian Champion and 4 time European Champion, who has set new Paralympic records.







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My healing session with him was immediately effective.  Within minutes the dull pain in my back had gone and I could clasp my fists much more easily.  Also my feet have reacquired flexibility.  Wonderful!  Thank you, Matthew!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2002 and told that I had multiple cancers in that breast which would require a mastectomy. Biopsies were taken and I was diagnosed with grade 3 tumours, which they assumed had spread into my lymph nodes. I went to see Matthew between the diagnosis and the operation, during which they removed 17 lymph glands assuming that it would have spread.


I was called back in a couple of weeks for the diagnosis with the other two ladies who had the same operation. They were both told that their cancers had spread to their lymph glands and that they would require chemotherapy. When my turn came I was told that the cancer had not spread and that the tumours were much smaller than they had envisaged.

Since seeing him 2 weeks ago my wife's creatinine levels have dropped into the normal range which is  brilliant, as shortly before seeing Mathew her doctors ordered a biopsy as they were really concerned that it had risen to over 210 meaning her kidney was not functioning properly. They have told her the biopsy is not required now which we are both really pleased about.  If you could pass this news onto Mathew that would be much appreciated.


Healing Circle Feedback


Since the age of around twenty five my life was seriously affected by regular and debilitating migraine headaches. I am now seventy one and free from such restriction and pain for the last two years. During the period before I attended two Healing Circles given by Matthew. I tried just about everything in the alternative field to treat the condition and nothing had any effect at reducing the symptoms I had to lead a kind of half life socially as I was in fear of the next headache and intent on avoiding any triggers....change of routine,diet ,travel,loss of sleep and stress. I remember Matthew saying to the group at the first circle I attended that people who suffer from migraine have a particular enzyme missing in their system and that the healing had shown to remedy this in some people. Last summer I went through a particularly stressful time and I experienced a couple of very mild migraine headaches so I asked a close friend who was in a Healing Circle that I was not able to be in if she would include me in the circle absently. And I have been well since then - able to meet the inevitable demands of life in a resourced way  and free from fear of the next headache.



I joined Matthew at his healing circle on Saturday in Surrey. It was, again, a profound and deeply spritual experience. It was also a healing experience for me, I had a very painful shoulder, and for serveral weeks had been on heavy painkillers. I am booked in for steroid injections tomorrow, but the thing is, now.... I don't need them, or the painkillers! It's gone from a 9+ on the pain scale to an occassional 1, with almost all of my movement and strength restored.




I was experiencing neck pain that day I saw Matthew from an old horse riding injury and a few hours after

seeing Matthew my pain went. From previous experience this pain has not gone so fast before.

I have bored people silly over the years with the story of how the hospital gave me drugs for a year without any effect whatsoever, and then two days after seeing you my uveitus cleared up... way back on 1978. I always tell them you saved my sight. I am forever grateful.

dad facebook

"Matthew Manning is an extraordinary man. I have seen many patients who have previously attended Matthew for healing and every one of them has gained considerably from their meeting with him. My many years of training as a doctor and anaesthetist have taught me how much we do not know about the body and its healing processes. Matthew's powers are not discussed in medical textbooks, but I can verify their efficacy from those patients I have met."


Dr Brian Roet, formerly of Charing Cross Hospital, London



Whilst some people may only judge the success of healing by its physical benefit, I've always felt that our role as healers is much broader.


Sometimes disease is so physically aggressive and invasive that there is no more that can be done medically or otherwise to halt its progress. Yet healing still has an enormously valuable role in this process that we mustn't forget.


I believe that if I can help someone to die peacefully, pain-free and with dignity, that too is successful healing. This point is beautifully illustrated by the following note I received yesterday from the family of someone I'd been working with:


"Helen passed away last night. Her last weeks have been so peaceful and comfortable, and she has been so full of smiles right up until the end. She simply slept away her last day and ceased to breathe during the night.

"I know that it is your healing energy that enabled this transformation from anxiety, worry and pain into a deep peace and joy.


"It was as though nothing could touch her - not pain, nor fear, nor the indignities of being bed bound. Even periods of confusion seemed to vanish. It was a precious gift and I am truly grateful."


you were a life changer for my father when you gave him back his voice after 2 years of silence post a laryngectomy operation.



Julia was in her early 40s when, in 1986, she was diagnosed with a breast tumour. That diagnosis was bad enough but for her it was compounded because she also suffered from multiple sclerosis (MS).


The Royal Marsden Hospital in London offered her the standard treatment for breast cancer - chemotherapy, surgery and possibly radiotherapy. She thought long and hard, extremely concerned that the cancer treatment could accelerate her MS. Living alone, this was not a prospect that she could accept.


She decided, with the tacit agreement of the hospital, to start on her own program to deal with the tumour. She embarked on an organic vegetarian diet and began going for regular hyperbaric oxygen sessions that were offered to MS patients.


The following year, Julia started also visiting me for regular healing sessions - something she's kept up for 30 years. She's also had periods of hormone treatment from the Royal Marsden.


Three decades later, her tumour is still there. Regular scans show that sometimes it shrinks and sometimes it gets a bit larger, confirming that it's not dead or necrotic. Interestingly, it has never spread to any other part of her body which is highly unusual given the length of time she's had it.


We had a chat yesterday when she visited me as we both thought it curious that none of her doctors had ever really asked her what she had been doing. There are probably similar cases across the NHS and I'm surprised that someone - a researcher or statistician - hasn't put all these cases together to look for an explanation as to why Julia's tumour is the same now as it was in 1986... Maybe something could be learned that would help others.


When someone comes to me for help I always explain that one possible outcome of healing is that whilst the problem gets no better, it also gets no worse. Julia is a great example of this - and something of a medical mystery!



In 2002, a 4-year-old girl named Megan was brought to me for healing having been diagnosed with malignant melanoma - a very dangerous skin cancer - behind her right ear. It had also spread into her neck. She had undergone surgery but had no other treatment and her devastated family had been told it was "incurable".


According to one of the top medical websites about melanoma: "Survival from head and neck melanoma is reported as 17% at 5 years and the 10-year survival rate is 5%".


Megan came to me on a regular basis until six years ago when, because I'd moved to a different part of the country, it was difficult for her to visit me.


Recently, her grandmother left a touching message for me here on Facebook which, with the family's consent, I'll share with you:

"We brought my granddaughter Megan to you 15 years ago when she was given a prognosis of terminal cancer. When I was told this I prayed for help and your name came to me.


"We will never be able to thank you enough. Megan is now 19 and at university studying psychology and criminology. She is a beautiful young lady both inside and out and I am proud to call her my granddaughter. God bless you and your work."




I've been treating a delightful older lady, Maureen, who'd been diagnosed earlier this year with terminal double lung cancer and heart failure. It was hoped that surgeons could operate on her right lung and that she could then be given radiotherapy for both of her lungs.


Unfortunately, after a biopsy was carried out on her left lung, she suffered two mild heart attacks which meant that surgery was no longer possible. She was discharged from hospital.


A few days later, Maureen couldn't breathe properly and was readmitted as an emergency to hospital where a doctor said she was classed as 'terminally ill' and she was sent home again.


Shortly after that she started coming to me for healing sessions, arriving in a wheelchair and looking very frail.

She's now got her energy back and, unless there's a long distance to walk, is out of her wheelchair. As her whole demeanour had dramatically improved we were curious as to what was happening physically.

After recent X-rays her daughter emailed my PA to say:


"Can you pass on some good news to Matthew? My mum had her X-ray today for her heart and lungs.

"In the X-ray where the hand and arrow is on the right hand X-ray, the arrow is pointing to the white mass which is the lung cancer and pneumonia - taken on 20th March.


"The left hand X-ray, taken today, shows the white mass is hardly visible. The other X-rays of Mum's enlarged heart show that the heart has gone back to almost normal size."


I'm wondering how the doctor who told Maureen she was terminally ill, and that at one point she had 'hours to live', will react when he next sees her?



Late last November I met for the first time a gentleman in his 70s who had been recently diagnosed with 'a growth in the lung.'


He was scheduled for surgery this week in order that it could be removed but, in the meantime, we managed to fit in three healing sessions.


His wife has just written to me saying: "We heard today that the CT scan showed that the growth in his lung has shown a 'reduction' and the surgeon has cancelled the operation."


Since the gentleman concerned had received no medical treatment for the growth, one can only assume that the reduction is the result of the healing sessions!




Professor Karol Sikora is one of the country's top cancer specialists and I work as a healer. We've known each other for about 35 years ever since he invited me to talk about my work to his medical students at the Hammersmith Hospital in the 1980s. He'd been impressed by what I'd been able to do for a number of his patients.


As a result of our loose collaboration over the decades he's introduced me to many other wonderful consultants who are supportive of healing. I frequently send my patients to them either for treatment that is maybe not available in their part of the country, or for a second opinion.


I recently saw a lady who'd just been diagnosed with a tumour in her tongue. Her local oncology team recommended fairly radical surgery that was potentially life-changing. I felt she needed to have an urgent second opinion but didn't know who to recommend. I emailed Karol who responded within in an hour.

48 hours later, my patient had an appointment in London with a leading oral cancer surgeons. Sadly, he concurred with her local medical team and she really doesn't have any other medical option than radical surgery. But, we tried - and often there is a more positive outcome.


This is how healing and orthodox medicine should work. My role is not an 'alternative' to medicine but as something to complement it. Doctors can do things for my patients that I can't dream of - but sometimes healers can do something they can't.


At the end of his email to me last week, Karol mentioned a young woman that we both treat. Three years ago she was suffering from Stage 4 breast cancer but for some time she's been completely clear. "A PET-CT scan carried out last week shows she is disease free," he told me. "She needs to get away from all of us and get a life, go travelling, have a torrid love affair - anything but dwelling on her breast cancer and seeing endless specialists! Easy to say but difficult to do."

His comments made me smile for days and I've used them here with her consent. All of us believe her success story is down to a joint effort.


In the Introduction to my book, The Healing Journey, Karol Sikora wrote: "Matthew has a remarkable track record of working at the interface between body and soul. His knowledge is outstanding in both breadth and detail." If Karol ever asked me to return the favour I would say exactly the same thing about him. It's what makes him a healing doctor and me a medical healer.


That would be my vision for the future of healing - a situation where we work alongside orthodox medicine for the sole purpose of helping the patient.



Earlier this week a former GP recounted an interesting story about an event that had started his interest in healing.


It involved one of his patients who had used my self-healing meditation, 'Fighting Back', originally released in 1982. As a doctor he was baffled by what he'd observed and had written a report about it that, unknown to me until now, was published in the 'Proceedings of the British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis' in 1985.


"On 13th July 1982, MJM showed me at surgery two warts. One was near an ankle and looked atypical; if it had got worse or failed to respond rapidly to treatment I had in mind arranging a specialist opinion. The other wart looked typical and was situated on a hand. She had noticed both warts for about six months."


He then saw the lady again at his surgery on 22 July. The wart on her hand was much smaller but:


"I was surprised to find that the larger and more worrying wart had gone: MJM had wanted to encourage a friend who had been diagnosed as having metastatic carcinoma. After playing the cassette 'Fighting Back', MJM had developed her own imagery to attack the wart above her ankle. The imagery had taken the form of a furry caterpillar that had nibbled away the lesion, pupated and flown away, to help her friend.


"The wart on MJM's leg disappeared in nine days while she was using her caterpillar imagery. One could argue that the lesion on her leg was about to go when I first saw it. This null hypothesis, though tenable, seems to me less probable than the hypothesis that imagery affected the warts."


MJM's friend became a patient of mine. After a medical prognosis of just months to live she survived another 18 years. Their former GP, remembering these patients, decided that I was his first port of call following his own recent diagnosis of a potentially life-threatening condition.















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One of my Facebook followers this morning underwent a gynaecological biopsy in hospital. She'd been told it would involve a general anaesthetic - which I had previously recommended she should accept - after she'd said she was "a complete wimp inside with blood and needles, etc."


However, once at the hospital she decided to try something else ...


"I used your healing demonstration video and music instead of the general anaesthetic with the proviso that the doctor would stop immediately and use a general if I needed it.


"I set it up on my phone from your Facebook page, used my earphones and imagined myself as the patient in your healing demonstration. A few moments of painful 'ouches' but I focused on the video and music and breathed through it.


"What should have been desperately painful was not too bad. The agreement from the doctor and nurses and the willingness to stop anytime made a big difference. They were really supportive with what I was doing and were surprised at how well it went.


"I got home and fell asleep for an hour. I've just woken up and there's no procedure pain. It's actually quite amazing."


I know that a number of people have watched the videos of my healing circles and demonstrations to help their own healing but, as far as I'm aware, this is the first time it's been used in an operating theatre in place of a general anaesthetic.


Well done that lady - that was brave!


In case you're curious, here's the video...



For the past six months I have been working with a 14-year-old girl suffering from an optic nerve glioma. Her mother explained that she had been referred to the hospital after her optician noticed a discrepancy in her visual field.


"After an MRI scan and further tests she was diagnosed with a 13mm tumour at the left optic nerve adjacent to the optic chaiasm. They can't operate without her going blind as the optic nerve is running through it," she wrote.


"Radiotherapy is unlikely as it is too close to the pituitary gland and it might do more harm than good. This leaves us with chemotherapy as the only treatment option. Any mass growing unchecked in the brain will eventually have an impact and in my daughter's case it is her sight that is being impacted. It is growing close to where the optic chiasm splits so the other eye could eventually be also affected.


"We are waiting to hear back from the doctors as the sight test showed that the visual field loss is now getting closer to the central vision danger area."


I couldn't bear to think of a youngster in this situation so immediately accepted her as a patient. Last week, after healing sessions every six to eight weeks, she underwent further hospital tests.


"The MRI showed no significant changes but her field vision tests have shown improvement. They had initially told us that once she lost eyesight it would be permanent. The doctors are really pleased so she is now being moved to six monthly eye tests and MRI scan once a year," her mother said.


"Given that her eyesight was deteriorating slightly at each test this can only be down to your healing. This is fantastic news as they had been saying she would need to start chemotherapy if it got any worse. She can get on with her life without threat of chemotherapy while doing her GCSEs.


"We are just so relieved. I cannot put into words how grateful we are to you for this turnaround."


It's just my job - or vocation - but it gives me huge pleasure when I get news like this. Healing isn't always about eradicating a tumour - I've had many similar cases where it has stopped it growing. But it's a wonderful result without medical intervention!