Natasha Baker Paralympian

                                   Paralympics and Healing


Having now worked as a healer for almost 35 years I often think of people I have met over the passage of time and wondered what became of them.  


Sometimes I receive feedback, sometimes I hear nothing and occasionally I hear a remarkable story relating to a healing experience from many years ago …

In early 1992 Natasha Baker was fourteen months old when her mother Lorraine went to her cot one morning and found her paralysed. “She was like a rag doll. She couldn’t speak or even lift her head off the pillow”, said Lorraine.


Although Natasha recovered the use of her upper body and voice within a week, she still couldn’t move her legs and was eventually diagnosed as having transverse myelitis – an inflammation of a section of the spinal cord that prevented Natasha from moving her legs. The hospital was only able to offer some physiotherapy.


“I felt there must be something more that could be done and in February 1992, I took Natasha to see Matthew. He put his hands on her back and within five minutes her legs started jumping around. We’ve been going once a month or so since then and Natasha’s condition has improved every time”, her mother said.


During one particular session I remember that I suddenly jumped as I passed my hands over Natasha’s knees – it was as if an electric current had gone through me. The next day she was able to pedal her bike, which she hadn’t been able to do previously.


Later Natasha had four sessions with me over a two-day period and the following day she was able to walk the length of her school hall all by herself during a Nativity play. Her parents were understandably thrilled.


Early in 2012 Natasha contacted me to tell me that the healing sessions had made a huge difference to her life.  “Mum and Dad are convinced that I would not be as independent as I am now had it not been for you.”


“I grew up on a farm and horses have been a huge part of my life. I started riding at my local Riding for the Disabled Association when I was eight years old and have progressed into an international Para Dressage rider. I am now 22 and have been short-listed for the 2012 Paralympics and last year won two Gold Medals at the European Championships. Many thanks for all that you have done”.





Well, the great news is that Natasha has been selected to represent Britain at the 2012 Paralympics and I wish her every success in her pursuit of a Gold Medal for Great Britain. Check out her website and leave her a message of support!


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