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I hope you'll find the information you need on the different pages but if you don't know much about me, let me say a little bit about myself.


I've worked as a healer for 40 years having originally spent much time working with scientists who successfully tested my ability to influence blood cells, mould samples, enzymes, seeds and cancer cells in the laboratory.


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I'm not a miracle worker and I'll always be honest about whether or not I feel I can help someone. Some conditions don't respond to my intervention. I work alongside the medical profession and am flattered at their frequent support of my work.


You may have heard of me because you've read one of the eight books I've written and, although they're mostly out of print, they're still available on Amazon and eBay. I'm very proud of the fact that my book, 'The Healing Journey', has an introduction written by Professor Karol Sikora who is one of Britain's top cancer specialists.


I have several relaxation/healing CDs containing numerous meditations that you may find helpful. You can order them here by going to the the relevant page.




If you'd like to make an appointment to see me, please fill in the short questionnaire on this site. I usually respond quite rapidly and will let you know if I feel I can help. I don't treat psychiatric problems as I've never really had any success in this area.




I hold regular healing circles in this country where I work with a group of up to 40 people at a time and there is also a page with information about those.




You'll see that I hold workshops every so often for those who'd like to learn more about developing their own healing ability. I believe that we all, to some extent, can help and heal others.





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Matthew Manning

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"Matthew has a remarkable track record of working at the interface between body and soul. His knowledge is outstanding in both breadth and detail."

Professor Karol Sikora,

Medical Director of Proton Partners International, Director of Medical Oncology at the Bahamas Cancer Centre and Dean of University of Buckingham's Medical School



In 1977, tired of three years of publicity and scrutiny after my first book 'The Link' was published, and exasperated by scientists who wanted me to influence electrical equipment and computers, I went to India.


I was hoping to find some all-knowing guru who might give me direction and the answers to life! Although I never found him, I had an experience that was to change my life forever.


I had journeyed high into the Himalayas, finding myself in a village called Narkanda which is at about 10,000 feet. I'd decided to get up really early one morning to photograph the sun as it rose from behind the mountains. But something happened that even to this day I struggle to describe.


I don't know if my experience lasted for one second, one minute, or ten minutes because I lost all sense of time. I felt completely at one with and utterly connected to everything around me. I became a part of the mountains and the rocks. They were a part of me. I was the air, the air was part of me. I was part of the tree and the tree was part of me. It was a transcendent experience during which I felt deeply the connection of everything in the world.


In those timeless moments I came as close to God as I am likely to get. I was aware of a Presence urging me to follow only those paths that would lead to healing.

I knew very little about healing but I interpreted it in its broadest sense and felt it meant more than placing my hands on people.


The irony was that if I'd received the same wisdom from a teacher, I'd never have listened. I feel that, ultimately, none of us needs a guru to point the way. The route is mapped out within us although we often don't listen to that inner voice.


A couple of months later, I was at the University of California engaged in my first healing research in the laboratory. 40 years on, I'm still healing!

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Over the years the question I've been most frequently asked is: "What kind of healer are you? A faith healer, a Christian healer, a spiritual healer? Or a Reiki healer, a colour healer or a crystal healer?"


The labels for healers seem endless but I've always insisted on working without a descriptive label. My response is that "I'm just a healer - without a label."


We like labels because they enable us to understand something - or so we believe - and we can then pigeon-hole the subject. Perhaps, in so doing, it helps us to understand it but too often it's a mental filing system for subjects we don't want to deal with.


I try to avoid labels for that reason yet we all have a tendency to do it in many areas of our lives...

Click on the link to listen to a one-hour live interview with me on Soundart Radio from December 2017.

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