These extraordinary Polaroid photographs of me were taken in 1977. I was visiting the New Horizons Research Foundation in Toronto, Canada, as a guest of the late Professor George Owen and his wife Iris.


They were taken by Tracy Wolfson, the wife of a Detroit doctor. She first photographed me (top frame) as I sat on a sofa. I looked at the camera feeling relaxed and made no effort to do anything. The picture was completely normal.


I then began to still myself and to meditate until I began to feel a tingling sensation, not unlike mild electricity, in my hands. I held them up and asked Tracy to photograph me. The image that now appeared showed what seemed to be a circle of mist forming around me. (Second frame)


A few moments later, the sensation in my hands had intensified and they felt quite hot. A third photograph was taken. The result was dramatic and I could now hardly be seen behind white concentric rings of light that obscured virtually everything in the room. (Third frame)


Then the film ran out. A new roll was quickly inserted and the camera pointed towards me again. This time, however, I felt really strongly that my energy had actually penetrated right through the shutter of the camera and directly onto the film. I told Tracy not to press the trigger of the camera. The film was removed and the resulting photograph again showed concentric circles of white light, even more intensely than on the previous shot.


I believe this was the first time that healing energy was captured on film by an ordinary camera in such a dramatic way. The most interesting thing of all is to see the development of the energy over several frames.


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