Matthew Manning

Matthew has produced a new CD "The Healing Experience" which includes 2 new tracks.


Over ten years ago, Matthew had two CDs available - "Deep Healing" and "Deep Relaxation". These have been unavailable for a long time but he has now produced a new CD, with a running time of about an hour, containing the meditational tracks from both of the old CDs, together with two previously unreleased tracks that he recorded with his wife, Sarah.

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Cost to order the CD using Paypal:

£10.00 + p&p= £11.50 UK only  (£21.70 for 2)

£10.00 + p&p = £14.00 Europe  (£24.50 for 2)

£10.00 + p&p = £14.50 Outside Europe ie USA / Australia  (£25.00 for 2)

NB  If ordering from outside the UK please make sure you don't click on 'UK only'