Here is some information about the books I have written. Please note, many of these are now out of print, but can still be found on Amazon or Ebay.

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My first book, 'The Link', was published in 1974. It described the poltergeist activity that had surrounded me as a child. I was just 19-years-old when it came out and it went on to sell over one million copies in more than twenty different languages. Unbelievably, it remained in print until earlier this year but there are now plans for it to be published as an ebook.

I followed it up in 1977 with 'In the Minds of Millions' which contained numerous accounts of extraordinary events that occurred around me after 'The Link' was published - including the time when my presence at a book signing session at a huge department store in Barcelona resulted in the entire building losing all its electricity! I was never very happy with this book but was pressured by publishers who wanted a follow-up to my first book.

'The Strangers' was published in 1978 and contained a great deal of information that never made it into 'The Link'.

At about this time, I turned my back on all the things that had given me fame and notoriety and became involved in scientific research work in the healing field.

My next book, and the first I'd written about healing, was published in 1984 - 'Matthew Manning's Guide to Self-Healing' - which introduced me to a new audience. It proved very popular and covered subjects such as relaxation, visualisation and affirmations which were rapidly gaining popularity in Britain.

In the mid-1990s I experienced enormous publicity as a result of my co-hosting with Sir David Frost the hit TV series, 'Beyond Belief'. I was suddenly exposed to a massive audience who now only knew about my work as a healer. We needed a new book for all those people who asked who I was! The result was 'No Faith Required', published in 1995, which was a distillation of my scientific research work, patients stories, and some guidelines for self-healing.

It gave me breathing space to write my autobiography, 'One Foot in the Stars', published in 1999. It relates my life story from the start, right up to when it was published.

These days I'm perhaps best known for my 2001 book 'The Healing Journey'. Drawing on scientific research about the mind/body connection and many of my patients case histories, I was proud of what I considered to be quite a ground-breaking book. I was thrilled when Professor Karol Sikora, one of the country's top cancer specialists, agreed to write the Introduction. It became a best-seller - the first time that had happened since the publication of 'The Link' in the 1970s!

My publishers had edited about 30,000 words from 'The Healing Journey' and they formed the basis of my next book, 'Your Mind Can Heal Your Body', published in 2004.

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My books have been published in over 20 languages, including Chinese

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