Matthew Manning's

Absent Healing

“Six weeks ago Matthew very kindly gave my husband absent healing (his kidneys had collapsed and he had then been diagnosed with colon cancer) and now something most unusual has occurred. The kidneys recovered, the primary tumour was removed by surgery, but on re-examination of the liver secondary with a view to chemo/further surgery, it was found to have shrunk from 16 to 8 cms.


There has been no chemo so far or any other medication that could account for this and the Addenbrookes consultant, who has heard of Matthew and is an admirer of his work, gave me a copy of the scan results and thought that Matthew would like to see them”


“Whatever you've been doing, please keep doing it!! :-) I am feeling better. I had modest pain that I didn't mention. It's chronic. It is gone and has been gone for approximately a week. I didn't expect this to happen and am very pleased. Thank you!!"


"Thank you Matthew for your help! Please keep working on me! I haven't felt this well in a very long time and I would so like to have more! As odd as this sounds, I didn't realize just how much pain I was in until it was gone!”


"Several months ago you sent distant healing to my cousin in Poland. He had an inoperable tumour in his spine and the best we hoped for was a peaceful ending. The last scan showed the tumour had disappeared and all the doctors were very surprised. They could not explain it. There are no words to express our gratitude and appreciation for what has happened. He has returned to work and has regained his strength and mobility"